The Most Incredible Volcano Hiking Tours In Hawaii

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Volcano hiking tours, HI – The time has come to break the mold a bit. While we feel that small towns are a never-ending source of inspiration both for the career traveler and the weekend explorer alike, it’s good to change focus every now and then. And since Hawaii is one of the most enticing and dream-like destinations that exist, we figured they’re worth talking about more than once. And as if we had nothing more inspiring to write about, this time we chose an activity that has to do with being outdoors and exploring something Hawaii has its fair share of – volcanoes. Volcano hiking tours have been a trademark of Hawaii for ages. Therefore, here’s our take on a unique way to spend your visit to this incredible paradise on Earth.

Napau Is A Cool Way To Start Things Off

The East Rift Zone of Kilauea is the area through which the Napau Trail takes hikers on this volcano hiking tour. This is exactly where the active lava digs its way underground to the summit of Pu’u O’o vent. At the same time, this is also the site of the most recent lava production. The trail itself takes at least seven hours to complete and is a very strenuous trip. Along the way, hikers pass through fern rain forests and recent or, if they’re lucky, active lava flows. Definitely one of the cooler volcano hiking tours on the list.

The rules for undertaking this challenge, which we highly recommend, are very simple. THE DO’s: Make sure to be aware of your surroundings at all times, and also bring along an ample water supply. Lava breaks are completely unpredictable; they can occur without warning at any time. THE DON’Ts: Should an eruption occur at any point or stage along the trail, DO NOT attempt to outrun the lava by heading downwards. Instead, aim for higher ground and also upwind from any type of gaseous material that might be surfacing with the lava.

The Crater Rim Trail – One Of The Most Popular Volcano Hiking Tours To Date

Close to the entrance to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park you’ll be able to witness the Halemaumau crater. This crater has come back to life in recent years, and is rightfully called the site of one of the most spectacular eruptions in the area. Of course, the fact that it sits four thousand feet above the sea may have something to do with it, as well. But, you be the judge of that. Volcanic gasses spew out of the crater on a regular basis, in addition to the constantly bubbling lava at the bottom. However, there are no major eruptions here any longer.

Majestic views of this spectacular hole in the Earth are offered to those who undertake the challenge of the looping 11-mile volcano hiking tour. THE DO’s: Water is like oxygen here – you won’t last the hike without it, so stock up. Also, the hike is an all-day experience; for every half-mile you plan to cover, set aside an hour. Parts of the trail are always accessible for viewing and hiking, even though an occasional gas eruption closes off other sections. THE DON’Ts: It’s good to be confident, but never too much; 11 miles of rough terrain is a challenge even for Army Commandos, let alone hikers. Account for rest times, pack plenty of sandwiches, fruit, power bars and bring a couple of spare sweatshirts. You WILL need them.

Devastation Trail – Just Sounds Scary, Don’t Worry

This one’s a real peach when it comes to volcano hiking tours in Hawaii, folks. This paved, one-mile hiking trail is accessible both for the disabled and children. All in all, Devastation Trail offers an easier sightseeing experience compared to other volcano hiking tours on this list. Starting near the overlook parking area at Crater Rim Drive, this trail then winds its way though a nearby forest. The forest is filled with various forms of hardened lava rock, including a cinder cone, that are the aftermath of the 1959 Kilauea Iki eruption.

THE DO’s: While you’ll be able to get a close look at the devastation caused by the nearby eruption, you shouldn’t attempt to break off any segments or parts of the rocks for souvenirs. You may sustain serious injuries this way. Instead, you’re better off picking up parts of debris that are already on the forest floor. THE DON’Ts: As aforementioned, this volcano hiking tour is relatively safe and not particularly challenging. Therefore, there’s not much than can go wrong on this volcano hiking tour. Just follow common sense, have fun and soak up as much of the sights, sounds and smells as you can.

The Lava Flow Hike – The Volcano Hiking Tour With The Money Shot

To be quite honest, the Kilauea lava flow is what most people come to see at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The sight of silent rivers of glowing molten rock cascading down the mountain is just as impressive as their explosive encounter with the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. Getting an up-close view of the lava can be tricky; this is because of the fact that the lava flow is in a constant state of flux. That’s why the distance and time required to hike in for the money shot can vary from minutes to virtually several hours.

Night hikes and views of the lava are extremely popular when it comes to this volcano hiking tour. One way to do it is to park near the Chain of Craters Road and then maneuver in over pretty rough terrain just before dusk to get your eyes on hot lava bursting from the ground. However, this is also dangerous for obvious reasons. Therefore, THE DO’s: Because of the fact that you’ll be close to molten lava, make sure to pack good hiking boots, sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water to drink. A good flashlight with fresh batteries is also a must-have. THE DON’Ts: Hikers who aren’t in good health of shape should NOT attempt this hike for a number of reasons. Most notably, they include the danger of lava exposure and the extremely hostile terrain.

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