Twisted Q BBQ Homewood, IL


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Twisted Q BBQ Homewood, IL

­­­About Our Barbeque

As if this restaurant wasn’t a melting pot! We cherish our backgrounds. Whether it’s the east side, the hill in the Heights or the mountains of the west, our food shows our pride and commitment to giving you the best.



We hope you find it in every bite you take.


Beef Brisket

Rubbed with the house seasoning blend, smoked for 14 hours, sliced and bathed in a bath of juicy goodness


Pork Shoulder

Trimmed and boned, smoked and hand pulled


Apple Wood Smoked Chicken


Whole, fresh chicken with a subtle fruit wood smoke.  Juicy beyond compare


Baby Back Pork Ribs

You know ‘em, you love ‘em.  We smoke ‘em and sauce ‘em


St Louis Style Pork Ribs

Dry-rubbed and hickory smoked.  The most popular pork rib outside of the Midwest


Uniquely Prepared Sea foods

Keeping to the traditions of wood smoke, open flames and bold flavors, you’ll find our choices pair well with this style

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Twisted Q BBQ “Come on in to see what is smoking?”P



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