Helpful Travel Apps For First-Time Solo Travelers


“Neither technology nor efficiency can acquire more time for you, because time is not a thing you have lost… It is what you live in.”James Glieck

In addition to being exciting and wildly fun, traveling alone for the first time can also be very stressful. It’s perfectly okay to feel nerve-racking, as you’re expected to single-handedly accomplish everything you used to do with someone’s help. However, in today’s modern world, technology has made things much simpler. Everybody’s got a smartphone these days. So, we’ve compiled a list of three helpful apps that won’t take up too much of your phone’s memory, but can prove to be of immense help.

3. Kayak

Kayak is essentially one of the most helpful travel apps out there. It allows users to find the best hotels and flights. In addition, it also compares the different prices offered by different flights, car rentals and hotels. Many users aren’t even aware that they have the option of viewing airport information through the app. As of recently, it is available on all platforms, which is to say, Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones.

2. Trip It

Next up we have Trip It, which, as the word implies, serves to bundle together all the relevant information about one’s trip. That means it offers virtually everything. From detailed directions to your preferred or chosen hotel to things such as exact taxi cab stops and much more. When talking about helpful travel apps, this is a very cool free one.

Another very cool feature of Trip It is the fact that it also has the option of allowing users to sync their travel plans with their smartphone calendar. That way, not only will you make your appointments in time, but you’ll also have detailed instructions on the quickest route there. We, your travel maniacs at Hop America, have been using Trip It for a while and we’re very happy with how it works. It’s also available on all four aforementioned platforms.

1. One Of The Most Helpful Travel Apps Out There: Travel List

Unlike the previous two super cool apps, unfortunately, Travel List is only available for Apple devices, and costs $1.99 on the iTunes store. That was the downside. The upside is, it was designed to help travelers remember all of the important things they need to bring along when leaving, staying as well as returning from a trip. It can be set to sound a reminded at the last minute before departure or whenever you’re up for it.

When it comes to helpful travel apps, Travel List is pretty straightforward and is ideal for those with a playful mind. Why buy the app instead of making a traditional list on a piece of paper? Firstly, the paper can’t make a sound and remind you to check everything on it. Secondly, it takes up extra space (though only a tiny bit, but nevertheless). Thirdly, there’s no chance anyone would forget to bring their phone along with them, especially during a trip. That also means you’ll always have the app with you. Plus, it can also be set to remind you to check out a particular sight or sights while exploring a new place. In our book, that’s worth the two bucks.

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