Handy Apps And Gadgets Perfect For Any Trip


“Maybe you had to leave in order to miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.”Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care

There’s little chance that any of us dare go anywhere without our smartphone these days, including (especially) the bathroom. While we’re not going to debate whether such practice is right or wrong, we will argue that technology has many undeniably positive aspects. Be it business, entertainment or social interaction, there are handy apps and gadgets around that cater to all of the aforementioned. Moreover, that goes especially for travel, which, as you know, we your travel maniacs at Hop America are nuts about. So, here are some pretty nifty apps and gadgets designed to help you have a more memorable experience wherever you go.

The Turo

To explore a new town or city, renting a car is sometimes necessary. Using public transport is fine and all, but having just one vehicle that can be used for exploring is more convenient and time-efficient. When it comes to handy apps and gadgets, The Turo is an app that functions just like AirBnB, only for cars. You can easily rent the car you want for a day or more, plus it can very easily give you better offers and rates.

The Infatuation

Looking for where to eat in a new town or city can be a pain. Most of the time, we’re swayed by overrated restaurant reviews only to find out we’re not compatible with the food. With the Infatuation app, you can be steered in the right direction. This app allows you to choose the right restaurant for you completely hassle- and risk-free, making it a fine addition to the list of handy apps and gadgets. Whether you’re a fan of spicy food, prefer casual dining, or have other specific requests, The Infatuation is an app designed to do the research for you.

The CamelBak All Clear

One of the most typical and widespread problems for travelers is drinking contaminated water. When traveling to remote places in some parts of the world, safe drinking water is sometimes unavailable. This is where CamelBak All Clear comes in. It turns any tap or natural water into safe drinking water in just 60 seconds. It’s efficient, and it also helps the environment by swaying you away from buying bottled water every now and then. Handy apps and gadgets that are environmentally positive? The CamelBak All Clear is a real pioneer in this department.

Our Favorite Handy Apps And Gadgets Entry On The List: The AirSelfie

Of course, a big part of one’s travels is taking wonderful selfies and sharing them with friends via social networks. AirSelfie is hugely useful for stepping up your selfie game. It’s a drone that can be completely controlled by your smartphone. As a result, it’s a cool example of handy apps and gadgets that offer something truly new. It also happens to be very durable and lightweight. That means you can take awesome selfies without carrying a bulky gadget around. It’s now available for pre-order, so make sure to grab it ASAP.

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