3 Cool Gadgets To Help You Rethink The Way You Travel In 2017


“Just as war is too important to leave it to the generals, science and technology are too important to leave in the hands of the experts.”Sheldon Rampton

It’s important to change with the times. Adapting to new things is a crucial pre-requisite to always being on top of your game, both professionally and otherwise. That being said, you’ve probably noticed that telecommuting has recently grown into a real lifestyle. Consequentially, you’d be wise to rethink the way you travel soon. Maybe even make a change on your way to work tomorrow. For example, you can now go on a cruise and still continue working. Tools and tech innovations have transformed multitasking from a painstaking thought process to a convenient side-activity. Because traveling continues to be a basic drive for many, here are 3 cool gadgets guaranteed to make your adventures easier and more comfortable.

iPad Keyboard Case

Not really a gadget, you say? Okay, fair enough. But, consider this. Some people tend to ditch the laptop and just bring a tablet of iPad for convenience. Apple’s Software Keyboard is great as it provides you with a full QWERTY keyboard. What’s more, it automatically switches the keyboard to type mode, in addition to switching it off when in view mode. This is great if you want to convert your iPad into a laptop or a MacBook for work, or ultimately, for something as simple as checking on emails. Not to mention replying to them swiftly and efficiently. When looking to rethink the way you travel, such a small gadget is a good place to start.

LOOP Worldwide Travel Adapter/Charger

Like many people on the go, you probably carry a lot of gadgets with you while traveling. So, why not make sure that you keep everything powered up at all times? This nifty little tech hack has two built-in USB ports and a travel adapter. This is great for charging up different gadgets all at the same time – like your laptop, tablet, or phone. Ultimately, if you’re looking to rethink the way you travel, you’ll have to take care of all your devices. That includes making sure they’re charged up whenever the occasion calls for their use.

Epiphany Eyewear: Our Favorite Gadget To Rethink The Way You Travel

If Google Glass is too expensive for your price range, consider Epiphany Eyewear instead. This gadget allows you to shoot HD video without going bonkers on the budget. Price starts at around $300 and this thing has a built-in HD camcorder that lets you shoot moments of your travels discreetly, or while working on a video for a news cover, for example. The device is made of titanium and plastic frames, which makes it durable. You can connect it this to your laptop to transfer files and share via social media. At one-fifth of the price of the competition, this really gets you ahead of the game. Not to mention it also comes pretty handy if you haven’t had previous experience with such a contraption, and at the same time you’d love to rethink the way you travel.

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