“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”- Mae West

Sheridan, WY – Yup, it almost feels like it was yesterday that we wrote about one of the most prominent natural wonders on the planet that has a home in the great state of WyomingYellowstone National Park. And it’s important to say that, given everything we’ve told you about Yellowstone, it’s no surprise that Wyoming’s year-round high tourist population is in no small part owed to this giant of natural history and present-day magnificence.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the state to say that Yellowstone is Wyoming’s one trick pony. No Sir, you’d be very wrong to think that. But, seeing how you’re likely to visit the mother of all national parks at some point, it might not be such a bad idea to make the trip to Sheridan, WY, while you’re there. Why? Well…keep reading.

Sheridan, WY – The Town That, Simply Put, Has It All

A city in the namesake county, Sheridan, WY, has a population of just over 17,900, making it perfect for a weekend getaway for those looking to trade in the bustling metropolis for an idyllic Wyoming small town. Nestled in the ancestral homeland of the Crow people, Sheridan’s home is the north-central part of the state called Goose Creek Valley (at an elevation of just over 3,700 feet).

John D. Loucks, a Civil War veteran, is credited with founding the town circa 1882, as well as naming it after Union General Philip Henry Sheridan, whom he served under. Some 7 years later, in 1892, Sheridan’s destiny as the center for this region of Wyoming was sealed with the arrival of the Burlington & Missouri Railroad.

No One Worries About The Economy In Sheridan, WY

Today, Sheridan stands as a town that offers all the conveniences a family needs, all the while retaining its charming western appeal. More than 70 retail businesses dot the bustling downtown area, many of which are restaurants, specialty shops and the inevitable western stores that offer opportunities and deals for virtually any shopper.

However, Sheridan’s recent development has also brought on an interesting mix of nationally-recognized chains and traditional mom-and-pop stores. What’s more, it can be said that the small community of Sheridan, WY, is brimming with service and philanthropic organizations, whose works can be viewed in the thriving local economy, high-quality schools, as well as the gloriously preserved traditional small town character.

It Should Be Called Familyville, USA – Seriously

The thing about Sheridan is – it actually offers all the amenities of a metropolis, one might say: theaters, a post office, a community library, city water and sewer, golf courses, a YMCA, many museums, an outdoor swimming pool as well as countless art attractions. And things get really interesting when one takes a look at the town’s flourishing healthcare community – the VA Medical Center and Sheridan Memorial Hospital are two outstanding medical facilities, but there is also an outpatient surgery center, as well as a dialysis center, two nursing homes and even a cancer treatment facility.

Now, you’ll probably agree that this is impressive for such a small town, but when we add to the equation that Sheridan is also home to more than 65 different churches, five elementary schools, a junior high and high school, you’re pretty much looking at a hands-down ideal place to raise a family. No kidding.

What To Do In Sheridan, WY, This Spring? – Style

There’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of fun exploring everything Sheridan, WY, has to offer. And though we recommend you do that in person rather than online, you could be faced with a unique problem upon arriving in this cool small town. That problem is, simply, choosing what to do in a limited time frame, considering you’ll have literally thousands of options to choose from. So, to help you out with that, here’s five of’s Top Tips for an all-out time of your life in Sheridan, WY this spring:

Top Tip #1: Hiking as a way to get high (figuratively speaking) – The brand new Red Grade Trail, as well as the traditional Soldier Ridge Trail and Tongue River Canyon, are perfect backdrops for springtime adventures. All you need to do is pack some lunch and make your lungs happy by enjoying some fresh, crisp mountain air.

Top Tip #2: Springtime Sports – If you can wait until June, you’ll have a chance to participate in the annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament called Hoop Jam (June 4-5). If not, you’re looking at May and a selection between the Wyoming 3A and 4A State High School Soccer Championship Tournaments (May 26-28), or the 12th Annual Snickers Soccer Cup (May 7-8). Because, why not, right?

Top Tip #3: Try the Theater – The WYO Theater and Carriage House is where you’ll be able to attend everything from pet comedies and high-octane short films to musicals and marionettes. The spring season is brimming with events, including the “Yankee Tavern,” the Banff Mountain Film Festival, operas from the Met and the musical “The Producers.”

Top Tip #4: Welcome to the Wild West – If the Eatons’ annual Horse Drive (May 22) doesn’t appeal to you (what’s there not to like about 100+ horses being cowboy-driven through the town, right?), the 23rd Annual Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show (May 20-22) definitely will, ‘cause you’ll be celebratin’ like a proper cowboy.

Top Tip #5: Cruisin’ the Culture Caravan – The Brinton Museum and the Sheridan County Museum is the name of the game here, folks. The former reopened on March 15th, featuring Victor Juhasz’s work and the annual Illustrator Show, whereas the latter will feature completely new exhibits on May 1st (official reopening date).


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