“Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.” – Munia Khan

Bayfield, WI – Nope, we’re not trying to bore you to death by constantly writing about beautiful small towns that are situated around the Great Lakes. Granted, we’ve talked about a few already, but we can’t help it – this part of the country is just incredible and generations of Americans, including the earliest settlers, obviously agree with us. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made homes in such a breathtaking area of the nation. So, if you’re wondering which amazing small town we’re going to tell you about this time, you’re in for a treat – it’s a gorgeous, charming place nestled on the banks of Lake Superior and adjacent to another natural gem we previously wrote about – the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. So, here’s a little something about Bayfield, WI.

Why Is Bayfield, WI, So Popular?

Simply put, if you happen to be on the market for charming and picturesque small towns that offer tons of history and tradition mixed with modern accommodations and amenities, you’re in luck, ‘cause you’ve just found one. Bayfield, WI, a city in the namesake county, has a population of just over 700 and is named after a British Royal Topographic Engineer called Henry Bayfield, who was kind enough to do some exploration around the region back in 1822-1823.

The city is often referred to as the crown jewel of the Bayfield Peninsula; indeed, it is the gateway to the Apostle Islands and Madeline Island. Needless to say that, despite its size, Bayfield is today a popular tourist spot, courtesy of its island cruises, fishing, camping, sailing, sea kayaking, dining, orchards, shopping, as well as an active arts and crafts community.

Basically, if you ask a random tourist what they’re doing in Bayfield, they’ll likely tell you that they’ve come to the place to relax. But, see, the thing is – everybody seems to have a different idea of what that means. And that’s, pretty much, what makes this small town so enticing: some consider it relaxing to wander out into a sunny field and pick fresh apples or berries. Others seem to define the term as setting off on a kayaking adventure in exploration of the famous Apostle Islands sea caves. Then again, there are also those who take that literally and simply sit beside the calm waves of Lake Superior and read a good book while enjoying the gorgeous view. Go figure.

Offers The Perfect Vacation

If it’s memories you seek, however, you’ll have no trouble finding them in and around Bayfield. From the deep recesses of forest trails and lakes, across the rugged sandstone cliffs that frame the majestic glacial waters of Lake Superior, to the berry farms and orchards nestled in Wisconsin’s rolling hills – you can create any kind of memories you want, quite literally.

And even though Bayfield is one of those places that you don’t have to visit during a specific season of the year to have fun (because it’s awesome all year long), there is one particular event you’d be wise to check out. It’s called the annual fall Apple Festival and the insane festive atmosphere manages to draw out in excess of 60,000 people over the course of 3 fun-filled days. So, you better start clearing your schedule, like, right now.

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