Read about small towns in Wisconsin:

Bayfield – Simply put, if you happen to be on the market for charming and picturesque small towns that offer tons of history and tradition mixed with modern accommodations and amenities, you’re in luck, ‘cause you’ve just found one. Bayfield, WI, a city in the namesake county, has a population of just over 700 and is named after a British Royal Topographic Engineer called Henry Bayfield, who was kind enough to do some exploration around the region back in 1822-1823. Continue reading…

Fish Creek – It’s no secret that Fish Creek visitors can choose from an inspiring and exciting array of outdoor adventures thanks to the fascinating natural wonderment of the Door County, and especially the rugged beauty of northern Wisconsin. And indeed, theserene forests, rock-lined shores and magnificent fields of Fish Creek represent a truly breathtaking backdrop for every type of fun, relaxation and vacation. Continue reading…

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