“I’ve found that there is always some beauty left – in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you.”- Anne Frank

Naches, WA – You know how sometimes you just wake up in the morning and feel like going somewhere you’ve never been before? They say that such days are frequent, and that they are, in fact, the way our sub-consciousness is telling us that we’re stuck in a rut, doing the same thing and having the same routine every day. And, every now and then, it’s probably a good idea to follow that instinct by packing just the bare essentials and hitting the road. Now, because we have technology today, it’s much easier to plan a trip and figure out where you want to go and what you’ll do when you get there. And if today happens to be one of those days, we, your travel maniacs at, have got the perfect little place for you to explore. It’s called Naches, WA.

What Better Way To Learn More About The Beautiful Naches, WA?

Now, first off – when you’re travelling to a place that has a population of just over 800, you pretty much know one thing right from the start: you’re going to have all the peace and quiet you want. And we consider that to be a good thing (even though there’s no escaping cell phones and laptops). However, if at some point during your trip you wish to go back to civilization, there’s no better place to do it than this lonesome small town nestled in Washington’s Yakima County. Situated some 12 miles west of the town of Yakima on U.S. Highway 12, the town of Naches can be found in a valley at the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range.

Naches is a small residential community with logging and agricultural roots, even though it boasts a ton of nearby outdoor recreational opportunities. Put simply, Naches is one of those places that’s awesome regardless of whether you’re looking for somewhere great to enjoy a summer home, retire or raise a family. That being said, the place hosts a Blue Ribbon Award School, called the Naches Valley School District. All in all, residents of Naches are able to experience a high-quality rural lifestyle in this beautiful little place, with the added benefits of the larger city of Yakima for any additional services they may require.

Doesn’t Naches, WA, Sound Like Fun?

The Naches Ranger Station also has a home in the town, and the Station is in charge of managing a portion of the nearby Wenatchee National Forest. Additionally, the Cascade Mountains are located to the west of Naches, and they provide ample opportunities to hunt, boat, fish, ski, hike, watch wildlife, bike and snowmobile in virtually countless recreational areas along the Chinook Pass Scenic Byway, as well as the White Pass Scenic Byway, not to mention that the expanded White Pass Ski Area is within quick access from the town. Cleman’s View and Applewood are two local parks in Naches that also feature interesting outdoor family fun, just like the Greenway started at the Naches Trailhead. Therefore, Naches is the perfect place to be for those who seek a quality way of life and at the same time enjoy a small town atmosphere.

Interestingly, Naches was actually called “Natchez” by the Indians, meaning “turbulent, rough water.” The name is believed to have been taken from the fast-flowing Naches River that moves through the valley. Over time, there were several different spellings of the town’s name, until 1908, when the United States Postal Authorities finally changed the name to its current spelling. That being said, the first permanent post office was established in Naches in 1906, and two years later, the aforementioned final spelling change occurred. Elijah Denton was one of the first permanent settlers to the area circa 1870. They say he found the sagebrush flats inviting. Today, there are many more reasons to feel the same way about this gorgeous place that is rightfully referred to as a true small town.

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