“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” – Edgar Allan Poe

No Beating Around The Bush This Time

This time we’ll skip the mile-long introduction and get right to the point: easily accessible from the interstates and located in the Green Mountains of Windsor County, Vermont, the town of Woodstock is a beautiful historic area, nestled on the crossroad of Vermont Scenic Byway and the banks of the Ottauquechee River. There you have it. And with such an opening line, why not follow HopAmerica.com’s advice and take the time to visit this year-round destination to simply unwind and relax?

Woodstock, VT is a real eye-candy, which boasts annual flowers, perennials and tree-lined streets as far as the eye can see, and it’s no surprise it was described as “The Prettiest Small Town in America” by Ladies Home Journal magazine. Autumn is said to be the most famous season in the Northeast, and indeed – even though each season brings with it the excitement of many special events, fall seems to bring out the most people, both locals and visitors, and lets them admire the postcard-backdrop beauty of Woodstock, VT, gloriously adorned by colorful foliage.

Making Plans Can Sometimes Be A Funny Thing

Traditionally, some events that make Woodstock, VT the epicenter of crowds this time of year include outings and hiking excursions to the Billings Farm and Museum, Green Mountain Horse Association Fall Foliage ride, the Vermont Fine Furniture and Woodworking Festival, Woodstock Digital Media Festival, the Sculpture Fest, the Apple & Crafts Fair and many more.

Many claim that an undeniable magnetism is commonly shared by the tight-knit community, working farms and the Victorian mansions of Woodstock. And indeed, this corner of Vermont has enticed all types from 1768, when the Abernaki Indian enclave was first settled by the English, to its present status as a charming and highly sophisticated getaway spot. Kevin Dann, Laurence S. Rockefeller and George Perkins Marsh represent a few of the many notable people who were seduced by Woodstock at first glance, and the unmistakable sense of pride in the place is also constantly exhibited by the 3,300 other inhabitants of Woodstock, many of whom first visited the town for a weekend and then just, well, stayed.

Woodstock, VT – Those People Know What They’re Doing

Almost ridiculously breathtaking, the majority of the town is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places; this is thanks to the residents’ devotion to the architectural heritage of the town, and because of that, today there are exquisite 18th– and 19th-century buildings scattered across Woodstock, adding just a hint of quaint to an already magical atmosphere of the place that woes any and every traveler who find themselves in it.

Interestingly, in 1805, when Woodstock was named Windsor County seat, journalists, politicians and lawyers started to siege the town, which led to innkeepers swiftly becoming the economic backbone of the area. What that translates into today is being able to find fastidious owners and attentive service at almost every single Bed & Breakfast in town, since proprietors have, naturally, long since mastered their trade.

Can You Hear The Call?

The village green, which is Woodstock’s centerpiece, is brimming with different-style buildings, ranging from a Romanesque library and Greek-Revival courthouse to Federal mansions. Walking across the covered bridge that spans the Ottauquechee River, as well as browsing the many galleries and shops around town, and particularly, throughout Central and Elm streets, is probably one of the best ways to get to know and acquire a unique feel of Woodstock. The town is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re stepping into the past, and quite a charming past, at that; you’ll fall in love with Woodstock almost instantly, so don’t try to fight it. On the other hand, your newfound love might be put to the test when it’s time to pay the bill, but something tells us you won’t mind it one bit.

All in all, why would you? A destination that features numerous lodging establishments, agricultural landscapes, charming shops and boutiques, fabulous restaurants, three covered bridges and the only national park in the state of Vermont and much more is offering all of its treasures to travelers worldwide. Why turn them down?

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