Park City


“Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Some Pretty Big Things In A Small Town

Have you ever heard of the Sundance Film Festival? It is officially the largest independent film festival in the United States and you’d probably be surprised to hear that it’s held in a charming little small town in Utah. Park City is the name of that small town, but we assure you there is nothing small about it; in fact, in addition to Sundance, Park City is also famous for a number of other things, such as the fact that 1994’s Dumb and Dumber were shot in it (some scenes), as well as that it’s the home of the United States Ski Team and the official training center of the Australian Freestyle Ski Team. So, as you can see – the only small thing about Park City, UT is…well, the number of its permanent residents.

Located in Utah’s Summit County, Park City can be found some 30 miles southeast of downtown Salt Lake City. With a permanent population of around 8,000, it’s no wonder the city’s tourist population swells up significantly whenever there is something fun to see and do in Park City. And, truth be told – that pretty much happens non-stop. We’re talking endless recreation, exceptional food and (the locals will surely let you in on a secret) some enduring memories.

You’ll Definitely Have No Time (Or Reason) For Boredom

It’s somewhat difficult to imagine there is more to Park City than world-class snowboarding and skiing, considering the fact that it has over 400 exceptional mountain trails. Some even refer to Park City as the ultimate winter destination. Why? Well, that’s pretty obvious – one single trip is enough to experience a variety of different things in one single town: rejuvenating and relaxing in one of the many exceptional spas scattered throughout Park City, tasting signature drinks while gazing upon the Historic Main Street, seeing the sights from a hot air balloon, fulfilling one’s Olympic fantasies on a bobsled ride etc.

A visitor who’s not captivated by this world-famous small town is yet to be found. When one is not too busy flying down the many ski and snowboard slopes surrounding Park City, there are many other activities on offer that are equally enticing. Winter activities for all ages are available courtesy of the Historic Main Street, the Utah Olympic Park and three distinct Park City resorts. Since salons, art galleries, museums and historic tours are typical features of any small town, and especially one as famous as Park City, we’ll just go ahead and add to the list the fact that there are also plenty of restaurants, selected brand stores, major sporting events at your disposal in this former mining town. Of course, catching an independent film at the Sundance Film Festival goes without saying.

There’s No Need To Wait For Winter To Check Out Everything Park City, UT Has To Offer

Then again, if your family is not one to enjoy in snow and wintertime, you can always plan your visit to Park City, UT in the spring or summertime. Experiencing the town and all of its surrounding beauty can be done firsthand via the 150+ miles of public trails that permeate the area, including the fact that many private popular resorts, such as the Park City Mountain Resort, Canyons and Deer Valley, also offer their ski lifts to guests, in order to enable them to bike down the slopes when they’re not chained by snow and ice.

That being said, the Echo Reservoir offers whitewater rafting on the Weber River, and the Rockport and Jordanelle Reservoirs also offer boat rentals. Needless to say, these reservoirs also offer laid-back activities like fishing, canoeing and kayaking, as well as more adrenaline-pumping ones like tubing, wakeboarding and water skiing. Starting your day off with a round of golf in any of the Park City golf courses is always a good idea, but ultimately, if you’re blessed with an adventurous spirit, you’ll probably be better off exploring the sights and scenes on a horseback or hayride. If you prefer to be on foot, keep in mind that Utah is home to five national parks. However you choose to spend your time in Park City, Utah, you’ll be blessed with a breathtaking view and memories that will last a lifetime.

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