Read about small towns in Tennessee:

Gatlinburg – Some call it a mountain village, others are happier with the term small town; there are even those who refer to it as a full-on city. But, whatever one wants to call it, one thing cannot be denied: there is no other place in the world quite like it. And the most interesting part? It’s not even that well known, which is where we come in. This is the story, ladies and gentlemen, about a place nestled amid the splendor of theSmoky Mountains, where people come together to seek inspiration, fill their spirits and stand in awe of the glory of nature. That’s right, this is the story about Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Continue reading…

Pigeon Forge – Conveniently nestled in Sevier County in East Tennessee, Pigeon Forge is one of those small towns surrounded with beautiful scenery that clings on to you from the moment you step into it. And given that the Great Smoky Mountains are just around the corner, you can see how many who visit this place not expecting a whole lot, end up becoming permanent residents. The town’s population of just over 5,800represents a delightful mix of young families attracted by the beauty of nature, folks who’ve chosen to retire in Pigeon Forge, as well as life-long residents. Continue reading…

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