“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Can It Be More Obvious?

When you hear of a place named Charlestown, it’s kind of obvious what the person for whom the place was named was called, right? That’s just one of those, in-your-face, blatantly obvious things. Charles, right? Okay, that’s clearly a no-brainer. But, now comes the tricky part: which Charles was it? There were a number of famous people throughout history named Charles, and destiny or some other abstract notion would have it that they’ve all been significant in some manner or other. But in this particular instance, we’re talking about King Charles II, and King Charles’ town (get it?) is today a gorgeous destination for both weary travelers and purposeful adventurers alike.

Today commonly referred to as “the best kept secret in Rhode Island” by Charlestown residents and visitors, this coastal community was first inhabited by Native Americans, more precisely the Narragansett Indian Tribe. With a population of nearly 8,000, it might seem unclear what this small town in Washington County, Rhode Island has to offer to tourists. However, don’t be quick to dismiss it because it’s not the size of New York or Los Angeles. We’ve told you before that small towns have that particular charm that makes you feel snug, yet free at the same time. Charlestown, Rhode Island is just another proof of that.

Beaches Are Always Cool, Regardless Of The Season

But, let’s just get straight to the point, huh? Okay, first thing’s first: you don’t go to New England and not check out the coastline, right? Well, you couldn’t have picked a better place to do that, because the Southern New England coast is most exquisite in Charlestown, and boasts one of the finest stretch of beaches in the Ocean State. Miles of sandy, unspoiled and secluded coastline belts offer tourists and visitors the opportunity to choose between relaxing under the sun or enjoying in many outdoor activities.

The Charlestown Breachway State Beach, for example, is something you don’t want to miss out on, not even by a longshot. Formally opened in 1958 to improve access to the Ninigret pond and the Atlantic Ocean, “The Breachway” is a colloquial term used by many residents of Rhode Island’s South Shore. The East Beach to some and Ninigret State Beach to others, however, boards the Charlestown Ninigret Conservation Area and is essentially a 3-mile long barrier beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

When In Charlestown, Rhode Island…

The Big Apple Circus, Rhythm & Roots Music Festival, as well as the Charlestown Seafood Festival are all held in Ninigret Park, which, needless to say, is a definite must-see, regardless of whether it is hosting an event or not. And if your path should happen to carry you to Southern Rhode Island, do find it in your itinerary to pay a visit to the Kettle Pond Visitor Center, where you’ll be able to enjoy wildlife observation and hands-on exploration along with the entirety of your family. That said, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service headquarters should also be on your to-visit list.

For nature lovers, there is an abundance of woodland and bush terrains, the most notable being the Burlingame State Park and Forest. Surrounding Watchaug Pond in Charlestown, this area boasts some 3,100 acres of rocky forest country. And when it comes to state recreation areas in Rhode Island, this is one of the most popular ones largely due to its bathhouse, swimming beach, drinking water, toilets, 73 fireplaces, and rather extensive picnic facilities. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll be privileged with the company of short-tailed weasels, river otters, short-tailed shrews, white-footed mice, red foxes, raccoons, minks, muskrats, eastern chimpmunks, white-tailed deer and many other species.

That’s The Thing About Being Travel Writers

Oh, how we wish we were not limited by space! But, alas, we are and here is where our painfully brief journey through Charlestown, Rhode Island, must end. But fear not, for even though the aforementioned may seem to be scarce in information, keep in mind that it was, from the very start, intended to give you a mere glimpse of all the beautiful things you can see and do in this gem of Rhode Island. It is up to you, dear reader, to explore it firsthand and form a conclusion of your own (which is guaranteed to be positive).

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