“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

“All The Devils In Hell” Must Have Had Fun With It

Defiance, OH – When you have a place with a name such as Defiance, you pretty much know straight away that the name didn’t come from someone who was simply trying to think of how to name the town and thought that Defiance might just sound cool; no, you can tell right off the bat that the place has a ton of history and that it was, most likely, the scene of an important event or occurrence in the past or something. And that’s very true in the case of Defiance, OH. In fact, the town of Defiance is the county seat of Defiance County, Ohio, which means that the entire county is named after something very important. What was it? We’ll tell you all about it.

The city was actually named after Fort Defiance, which once stood in the confines of the city. General Anthony Wayne ordered the construction of Fort Defiance in August, 1794 at the confluence of the AuGlaize and Maumee Rivers. The fort was actually built by General Wayne during his campaign against the Native American peoples of Ohio for the purpose of providing his men with protection, as well as a staging ground for their offensives. It was designed as a rough square with a blockhouse located on each corner. Interestingly, an officer in Wayne’s army, Lieutenant John Boyer, claimed that the fort could protect the American soldiers from “the English, the Indians and all the devils in hell.”

A Whole Lot Of Important History

Located in the northwest corner of Ohio, Defiance is one of those places known for its sheer historical significance, as well as breathtaking scenery of the Maumee, Tiffin and AuGlaize Rivers. It is a known fact that a trip to Defiance, OH, would simply be incomplete without visiting the Independence Dam State Park, the AuGlaize Village and Farm Museum, as well as the Northtowne Mall that boasts over 40 stores and a cinema, and not to mention a plethora of specialty shops located in downtown Defiance. That being said, numerous hotels, bed and breakfasts, recreational activities and fine dining await visitors who take the time to check out this historical gem situated in Ohio.

Certainly one of the most impressive features of Defiance, OH, when it comes to tourism is the AuGlaize Village, which is a restoration project of the Defiance County Historical Society. The village features buildings typical of rural northwest Ohio in the early 19th century, and also represents a unique attempt to provide a setting in which the visitor becomes uniquely involved in the recreation of history.

At the moment, the Village has 40-something reconstructed, restored and new buildings, circa 1860-1920, and some of them include a steam barn and smoke house, post office, telephone company building, general store, barber shop, two log cabins, a church, blacksmith shop, doctor’s office, sawmill, a cane mill, a cider mill and many other authentic structures.

Just A Couple Of Things You Shouldn’t Miss While In Defiance, OH

The Defiance area has a number of parks scattered around the county, and many of them are perfect for family fun and recreation, such as the aforementioned Independence Dam State Park. Located some 3 miles east of Defiance, it boasts picnic areas, scenic drives, fishing, camping, hiking trails, boating access and many other recreational opportunities. Also, Diehl Park is a definite must-see if you’re on the market for a park made with kids in mind. This park is sure to keep sports-minded kids occupied, as it boasts a baseball diamond, four softball fields, a basketball court and two large covered shelter houses. Diehl Park can be found on the northwest side of the city.

Other interesting sights to see in town include the Defiance College, which is a four-year liberal arts-based college, affiliated with the United Church of Christ. Chartered in 1850, this school has been recognized by several publications, and also represents a national leader in the service learning area. The Defiance Public Library, which was built in 1904 with funds from a Carnegie Grant, should also be experienced firsthand as it allows visitors to reflect on the long and interesting history of the county.

Finally, among many other attractions in the area, we particularly find the Huber Opera House and Civic Center very interesting. This structure eventually became the try-out theatre for George H. Huber’s larger Chicago and New York theatres, even though it was originally built as a hotel in 1895. It has a seating capacity for 800 and is commonly used for many community events and attractions.

So guys, if you’re looking to defy those highly-popular tourist destinations and, instead, turn to places like the beautiful small towns of America, Defiance, OH is the perfect place to start. From history and culture to modern-day entertainment, this small town really packs a lot of bang for your buck. Besides, you could always use some more defiance in your life, right?

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