“The moon. There’s no other moon like one on a clear New Mexico night. It rises over the Sandias and soothes the miles and miles of barren desert with all the quiet whiteness of a first snow.” – Lucia Berlin

Can’t Imagine New Mexico In The Winter? Well…

Taos, NM – There are billions of people around the world and there are countless ways to categorize them, but we find one classification particularly interesting, and that’s the one that divides people into the ones who ask the question “Why?” and the ones who rather ask the question “Why not?” It is for this reason that we have chosen today’s small town to tell you about, and we already know what you’re going to say right off the bat: “What are you people on about?”

Well, the historic town of Taos is situated in New Mexico, and, oddly enough, that might not be the first place people think about visiting in the winter. That makes no sense, to us at least, ‘cuz it’s home to the world-famous Taos Ski Valley, but that’s not what we’re covering this time. So, Taos in the winter? Some will ask “why?” And guess what our answer will be.

Ancient History Is One Thing To Look Forward To…

Situated in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the north-central region of New Mexico, Taos has a long history as a destination for travelers in search of the powerful and enticing experience of meeting new people and seeing new places. And sure enough, getting a sense of these ancestors of present-day Taoseños is as easy as taking a stroll through the historic district upon first arriving in town. It’s English name actually derives from the native Taos language meaning “place of red willows”. And with a population of just over 5,700, this ancient small town is just what the doctor ordered to help you get rid of the winter monotony.

Taos Pueblo is among visitors’ favorites with its distinctive, multi-layered adobe homes that can climb as high as five stories. Basically, the pueblo is the first thing on everyone’s list, and truth be told – how could it not be? Many of its walls are several feet thick and the compound was constructed from between 1000 and 1450 A.D., with some 150 residents living in it full-time, despite the fact that no running water or electricity is permitted. The area is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and approximately 100,000 visitors from all over the world flock to this art community annually to feast their eyes on centuries-old history.

…Even Though There’s Plenty For Non-History Buffs

But, even though Taos Pueblo is one of America’s oldest continuously inhabited communities, it should be said that Taos is home to more than 20 sites on the National Register of Historic Places. When one takes that into account, it’s easy to arrive at the conclusion that the place is rich in culture and history as it is rich in year-round activities, which encompass everything from rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking in the summer, to snowboarding and skiing in the winter.

Actually, it’s no secret that the Taos area is a world-class winter destination, which boasts the highest peak in New Mexico and is served by four different ski areas, including the aforementioned Taos Ski Valley and the Angel Fire Resort. But, if outdoor winter sports aren’t really your thing, you could always turn to culture and devote some time to visiting the world-famous San Francisco de Asis Church, the fascinating Millicent Rogers Museum, view the spectacular Rio Grande Gorge and bridge, or perhaps take a tour of the Earthship Biotecture.

Taos, NM Is Waiting, But Still – Don’t Go Over The Speed Limit

In the end, there’s really no need to point out the type of lodging, dining and other typical vacation experiences and activities you can expect while visiting the gorgeous town of Taos, since, well, the thousands of people that have made the same decision like the one you’re thinking about right now haven’t regretted it, not once. All we, your travel maniacs at HopAmerica.com, can say is drop everything you’re doing, throw some stuff in the car and head out to Taos right this instance. And if your wife/kids/parents/in-laws/friends/professors ask you “why?,” just throw a “why not?” out the window and put your foot down.

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