West Glacier


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir

It’s Always Good To Go Green

West Glacier, MT – Today, we, your travel maniacs at HopAmerica.com, got to thinking: when it comes to choosing a destination for a holiday, vacation or a simple weekend getaway, there are almost as many options as there are people. Some like tropical areas and beaches, others prefer snow and mountains, but one particular feature that nobody seems to mind when selecting a place to visit is – forests, or greenery in general.

Image of West Glacier sign, West Glacier, MT

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Whether we’re talking meadows, wide and open fields, jungles or just vast and dense forests, it can be said that these areas are great year round. Why? Because like snowflakes, no two are alike and that makes them incredibly interesting to both visually enjoy and explore, in addition to the fact that they were designed by Mother Nature. And we found the perfect place that has a ton of the good stuff for everybody to enjoy – West Glacier, MT.

Let’s Get The Obvious Out Of The Way

Located in eastern Flathead County, Montana, West Glacier is a small unincorporated community that sits on U.S. Route 2 and a main line of the BNSF Railway. That translates into good access year round, and there’s more than enough reason to have such access. Why, you ask? Well, there really are a ton of reasons to check out West Glacier, MT any time of year, but the most obvious one that’s caught our eye, and one that, simultaneously, has the most aforementioned forests and greenery, happens to be the incredible Glacier National Park. This gorgeous small town actually represents the west entrance to the Park, and the Park headquarter complex can be found nearby. And that’s just one reason to pay a visit to West Glacier, MT.

We Could Have Also Gone With A Ford Mustang, But You Get The Idea

Some refer to this small town as “a little bit of civilization with an Amtrak train station just west of town.” Yeah…you could say that, sure. But, that would be like saying that the Chevrolet Corvette is “just” a car that can take you from point A to point B. Seriously though, if you happen to find your way to this great place, which we highly recommend you do, don’t let the fact that we keep referring to it as a small town fool you. You’ll be able to dine at fine restaurants here, as well as do grocery shopping, laundry, send or receive US mail, do banking and a whole lot of other everyday stuff. And yes – this might sound like we’re talking about a backwater town that just opened up to the rest of the world, but we’re not – West Glacier, MT is an incredible place to visit and live, and has been since it was first established!

That being said, let’s get the pink elephant out of the room: this awesome town is well worth visiting for its own sake, even if you don’t wander further into Glacier National Park. There it is, we said it. With all due respect to this glorious U.S. National Park, the town of West Glacier is equally interesting and important. For example, you’ve got wild deer and mountain goats wandering through town, many of which have even been seen right next to the road. How many other places do you know that have that? Needless to say, the town is surrounded by craggy mountains, which means that no matter where you look, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on purple mountain majesty.

We Hear Winter Is The Perfect Time To Check Out West Glacier, MT

Recreational opportunities in the Northwest are always going to have to do with nature in one form or another, and West Glacier, MT is no exception. For example, no visit to this awesome place would be complete without whitewater rafting on the middle fork of the Flathead River. The rapids aren’t rough, although they can be pretty fast. Rafters usually get wet, but large inflatable rafts bob up and down gently rather than alarmingly. On the other hand, popular sports in the area include fly-fishing for trout in the same river. Renting or hiring a boat is always an option, even though there are plenty of places where you can wade in. If you happen to be an avid fishing enthusiast and this sounds like it’s right up your alley, be advised that you’ll need a Montana fishing license, which you can purchase online in advance through Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Now, we could spend the next two weeks telling you about all the interesting stuff you can see and do while in West Glacier, MT. In fact, we would love nothing more, but as professionals, we’re not allowed to have favorites (even though you kind of get how we feel about this particular small town, but shh). Therefore, it is our great pleasure to recommend this breathtaking place to all of you out there in the hopes that you’ll take our word for it and head out to West Glacier not tomorrow, but today. Trust us – you won’t regret it.

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