“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” – G.K. Chesterton

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Lexington, MO – If you’re ever in Kansas City, MO, chances are you’re either there on business or you live there. And that’s cool, since this city offers a ton of stuff to see and do. But, you might be in the mood to go out on an excursion or field trip and explore a bit of Missouri. If that happens, which we think is a wonderful idea, there’s a particular place you ought to stop by. It’s called Lexington and it’s well worth a full vacation.

This town today has a population of just over 4,000. It dates back to 1822, when Gilead Rupe founded it. The town seemed like a natural progression following the first ferry in 1819, which was also Rupe’s doing. The town made it to the county seat of Lafayette County in 1823 and it has been developing ever since.

Why Go To Lexington, MO? Here’s Just A Couple Of Reasons

Lafayette County is famous for having several wineries and being orchard country. That makes it ideal for exploration, especially when you’re staying in Lexington. The town is actually the start of the Old Trails Region. And if you want to talk convenience, it’s just 45 minutes east of downtown Kansas City. That being said, it’s obvious why traveling to Lexington is an adventure that will enable you to enjoy both the beauty and the bounty of the entire region.

The Battle of Lexington, which took place during the Civil War, is probably the most recognizable thing about the small town. The Lexington Civil War State Historic Site is the best place to learn more about it, so make sure to check it out. That said, history buffs should feel right at home when visiting thanks to another significant institution called the Lexington Historical Museum. Tons of history on display here, including memorabilia related to Osage Indians, steamboats, coal mining and the like.

…And In Case That Wasn’t Enough, Here’s Some More

Furthermore, the Lafayette County Courthouse is an architectural gem worthy of at least a dozen vacation pictures. Built between 1824 and 1825, it is the brainchild of Henry Renick, the Justice of Peace. It had two other iterations; the second one was kept in use until 1849. At that time, the present courthouse was occupied. Interestingly, there is still a cannonball lodged in one of the columns of the courthouse, left there after the aforementioned Battle of Lexington in 1861, when it was fired upon.

There are virtually so many different things and activities to enjoy while visiting Lexington that we would need several pages to count them all. But another one that we simply have to mention has to do with the Riverfront Park. The park serves as a boat launch, picnic shelter and historical marker all at the same time. It shows where countless steamboats, including Lewis & Clark, passed in the 19th century despite the course of the Missouri River having shifted northward since. It is truly a gorgeous place to sit down, have a bite to eat or some coffee and just admire the view.

…So, Here’s Where To Go To Be Full And Well Rested

And speaking of food, you’ve probably already guessed there’s plenty of places to eat in Lexington. If you have a sweet tooth like we do, you’ll love the Big Muddy Ice Cream Parlor. For lunch and dinner options, we wholeheartedly recommend The Spotted Pig. And for a quick and delicious cup of Joe, you’d be wise to go to River Reader, where you’ll get free Wi-Fi with every beverage purchase. Remember – these are just our favorites, so make sure to also explore other Lexington eateries.

As for Lexington lodging, you also have plenty of options ranging from inns and bed & breakfasts to RV/camping. We went with The River Town Inn and absolutely loved it. The other option is The Inn on Main, which we’ve also heard a lot of good things about. Some bed & breakfasts include Victorianne B&B, Julia’s Shady Rest B&B, Ca d’ Giorgio B&B and several more. Lastly, the Lexington RV & Mobile Home Park, as well as the Big River Ranch Equine Center are your options when it comes to RVs and camping. Whatever you go for, don’t miss out on everything this gorgeous and interesting small town has to offer.

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