“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”- Bil Keane

A Quest With No Results Is A Quest Wasted

Northfield, MN – To the untrained eye, it might seem as though we have a habit of returning to the state of Michigan every now and then. But, truth be told, what’s there not to like about it? A state that boasts incredible natural beauty, is on the shore of one of the Great Lakes, and has a long and interesting history should certainly be explored over and over, right? And that’s exactly how we feel.

But, the thing about recurring exploration is – you tend to discover something new each and every time. And when it comes to’s uncompromising quest for interesting places, it has not been in vain this time around, either. Therefore, we give you Northfield, MN.

One Has To Adapt To Survive

Spread across Dakota and Rice counties of the state of Minnesota, the city of Northfield has a population of just under 21,000. Situated mostly in Rice County, with only a small part cutting into Dakota County, the city was officially platted by John W. North in 1855. The town was founded as part of a New England colonization of what was the far west at the time, by immigrants from New England who many referred to as “Yankees.”

Starting off as an early agricultural center, Northfield boasted countless corn and wheat farms. But, dairy operations and diversified farms replaced the wheat-based agriculture as the “wheat frontier” moved west. Despite initially being based on beef and dairy operations, the region today produces substantial crops of soybeans, corn, as well as hogs.

Image of Northfield, MN

Attribution Some Rights Reserved by Michael Hicks. Graphic composition by Alek.

Why Is Northfield, MN, So Attractive?

Located along the shores of the Cannon River, Northfield can be found northwest of Rochester and just south of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Spanning across many generations, the welcoming and vibrant community of this charming town has been offering plenty to curious visitors. Most notably, the presence of both Carleton and Saint Olaf colleges in town aids in the creation of an open and active atmosphere few other small towns can brag with.

There are numerous outlets for one’s curiosities across the town, regardless of whether you’re interested in shopping, nature, history or the arts. On the other hand, when you get tired from chasing after all that knowledge and experience, there are plenty of cozy lodging options, live theater and music, as well as unique restaurants.

They Say There’s No Substitute For Personal Experience

Northfield genuinely has something for everyone irrelevant of their appetites. Be it a relaxing evening in or an active outdoor adventure, this small town can accommodate both, and then some. Visual and performing arts, golf courses and trails, hundreds of acres of parks – you name it and Northfield’s got it.

For example, tracking the legendary Jesse James along the Outlaw Trail is always a cool way to spend your morning. Expanding your mind by visiting one of the area’s prestigious colleges is another way to keep busy, that is, if you’re not in the mood for a tour of Northfield’s many historic sites.

The fact to the matter is – if you’re planning to spend a weekend in this charming small town, there’s a great chance you’re going to have to expand your stay to accommodate a whole week’s worth of interesting and unique experiences. So, yes – there ARE that many things to see and do in this gorgeous place. But, why not see for yourself?

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