“But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.” – Anne Brontë

Alexandria, MN – In case you’re wondering “How’d this happen?” all we can say is – don’t look so surprised; We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there are countless beautiful places that have the potential to indulge all of your senses across this vast and gorgeous land. Therefore, you should know that the state of Minnesota is no exception. And we completely disagree with stereotypes and prejudices. Sure, Hawaii is a fairytale-like place, but that’s the thing – that’s precisely what makes it unique. So, what it is about Minnesota that makes it a one-of-a-kind tourist hotspot? Well, it’d take us days to cover just the basics, but fortunately, getting to know the place we’ve selected for this article won’t take up that much of your time. So, hang around for a couple more paragraphs and let us tell you about a little place called Alexandria, MN.

Alexandria, MN – What’s With The Name?

So, let’s deal with the most interesting aspect of this place right away – the name. The form of the name obviously alludes to Alexandria, Egypt, which is a center of civilization and learning. But, this gorgeous place located in Douglas County, MN, was named after brothers Alexander and William Kinkead from Maryland. Following their dreams of settling land in the Minnesota territory, the brothers chose a large tract of land on the south shore of Lake Agnes to homestead (which is today located at the end of Broadway Street). Alexander established a U.S. Post Office in his log cabin by autumn of 1859 and also served as the postmaster. It was then that the town was named after him.

It is often said that Midwesterners travelled by train during the 1880’s to enjoy the serenity offered by the Alexandria lakes area. Having subsequently founded small fishing camps, luxury hotels and some of Minnesota’s very first resorts, these vacationers were able to enjoy abundant fishing and cool waters in the area. But, here’s the most important part – the same still holds true more than a century later! Even today, visitors to Alexandria and the surrounding area continually comment on the relaxed lifestyle, tranquil beauty of the area, as well as the friendly attitude of the townsfolk. And speaking of the townsfolk, some 11,700 of them make up the population, which deems it worthy of taking a significant place on’s “Most Beautiful Small Towns Of America” list.

We Don’t Know About You, But We’d Go For The Demolition Derby In Alexandria, MN

That being said, Alexandria is actually ranked as one of the fastest growing small towns in Minnesota. Some say that has to do with the fact that the town’s forward thinking blends remarkably well with its proud traditions. Others claim that the residents of Alexandria successfully combine the best of lake country living with the ease of urban amenities. But, whichever one turns out to be true, one thing is certain: anyone who finds their way into this serene small town will absolutely relish its established community as it seeks new century progress for housing, health care, business growth, industry, tourism, and most importantly, leisure, and all that while surrounded by the splendor of Minnesota’s beautiful seasons. So, if you ask us – yeah, it’s definitely worth a trip.

And in case you’re already planning out all the fun and interesting activities you’re itching to try out when the weather becomes friendly again, you should know that there are virtually tons of insane, out-of-the-box festivals and events in Alexandria, MN, throughout the summer! For example, June is reserved for History Live! In Fort Alexandria, which boasts living history re-enactors from the cowboy, pioneer and fur-trade era, and Vikingland Band Festival, which is one of the top marching band competitions in all of Minnesota.

On the other hand, if July happens to be your “don’t call me, I don’t exist” month to get away from work, you should definitely check out the Viking Plaza Crazy Days (and yes, it’s just as insane as it sounds). Lastly, August is always off the hook, and if you’re also planning to be in the same mood, definitely don’t miss Downtown Crazy Days. Then again, if you’re looking to tone it down a notch but still experience something fun and enticing, there’s always the Douglas County Fair, which is full of exhibits, events, food and entertainment (and that means a demolition derby), as well as a relaxing trip to the Country Blossom Farm, LLC. Just take your pick!


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