“Nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in spring.” – Vladimir Nabokov

Petersham, MA – Certainly a whole plethora of adjectives can be used to describe the beautiful state of Massachusetts; it is, indeed, THAT beautiful to either visit or live in. And if you happen to be lucky enough to be a resident of this part of America, you’re undoubtedly aware of the fact that it is home to some pretty amazing, yet relatively unknown places. And when we say “places,” you know we mean “small towns.” On the other hand, if you’re visiting, you’ll have a ton of stuff to check out, and probably not enough time. However, we definitely recommend that you swing by the town of Petersham, because every traveler needs to take a break and just enjoy the silence of a beautiful, unknown place once in a while.

A Place That Allows You To Reconnect With The Natural World

Located in Worcester County, MA, Petersham has a population of just over 1,260. That means that it has a place in our “Most Beautiful Small Towns of America” category, but that’s not the only reason why you should visit it. In fact, nature can be said to be the prevailing factor when it comes to checking out this place, not because there’s so much of it and because it’s so beautiful everywhere you look, but because Petersham is home to a considerable amount of conservation land, some of which includes the Federated Women’s Club State Forest, the Swift River Reservation, the Harvard Forest, and the Quabbin Reservation. So, if you happen to be a nature enthusiast (which we certainly are), this is the place for you.

Petersham is really a picturesque New England town situated in the pristine forests of Central Massachusetts. Founded in 1754, Petersham can be characterized as a tranquil small town where time has stood still. It boasts a beautiful, historic Town Common and very little commerce, which only adds to the feeling of serenity one experiences while walking through the ever-quiet streets. What’s more, that’s what makes it an ideal destination for those who are looking for peace and quiet, and an escape from the bustling multi-million cities and crowded tourist resorts.

Petersham, MA – Always Something Going On, Despite The Apparent Silence

As aforementioned, Petersham is a place blessed with literally thousands of acres of conservation land belonging to the Audubon Society, Harvard Forest, the Trustees of Reservations, the Quabbin Reservoir and the Women’s Federated State Forest. And if you’re wondering why we’re saying this again, it’s because such a high percentage of conservation land enables Petersham to be widely recognized as one of the best places in all of Massachusetts for bird watching and hiking, not to mention fishing, kayaking, canoeing, bicycling and numerous other outdoor recreational activities.

However, while outdoor recreation is an integral part of every trip or vacation, it cannot be said to be the only part. Culture is also very important, which is why Petersham is the perfect tourist spot for a wide caliber of visitors, as it includes a wonderful library, a historical society, an artistic craft center, but also a curling club for winter fun, as well as a gun club and a world-class golf course, which was designed by Donald Ross. Furthermore, Harvard University’s School of Forestry was established in Petersham, along with the fascinating, yet somewhat small Fisher Museum. And when you add the traditional Old Home Day in August, as well as summer band concerts and church fairs to the mix, it becomes more than obvious that there is always something interesting going on in Petersham. So, you better get going!

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