“I wish I could show you the little village where I was born. It’s so lovely there…I used to think it too small to spend a life in, but now I’m not so sure.” – Mary Kelly

Guess what? We’re back and we’re here to bring you yet another awesome small town just begging to be visited. So let’s get straight to the point. Why is Kennebunk, Maine perfect for your next vacation getaway? One of the reasons is the fact that it’s essentially an idyllic seaside resort town that just happens to be located an hour and a half north from Boston, Maryland. Offering a variety of activities, shops, restaurants, rentals and accommodations, Kennebunkport is where you want to be come fall. Oh, wait – it IS fall! Well…there you go!

George H.W. Was No Fool…You Know, For Choosing Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport’s Dock Square is located along the Kennebunk River and the ocean; a long time ship-building mecca first settled in the 1600’s, the Kennebunk River banks witnessed countless schooners and five-masted ships making their way down the river to the sea. Many of the fine mansions built by numerous sea captains are today preserved in the form of charming inns with an antique vibe. Interestingly, this part of the Maine coast, which is today “the place to be all year,” first became a resort destination more than 100 years ago.

Basically, it can be said that everything that makes Maine what it is can be found here, but on a significantly smaller, less-touristy scale. Collectively known as “The Kennebunks” (meaning Kennebunk and Kennebunkport), visitors will be able to find an abundance of interesting things and experiences in the area, including the sea at play against the rocky shore, incredible light, the freshest New England cuisine, but also the Bush family summer home.

Choices Upon Choices

And if you’re looking to soak up some surf and sun while on vacation (even though it’s fall), some of the finest places to do just that in all of Maine are located here. The relatively small Colony Beach and the ever-popular Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport are rivaled only by the fine stretches of sand in neighboring Kennebunk, called Gooch’s, Middle and Mother’s beaches.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of vacationer who’s more after the serene side of things, the quiet side of Kennebunkport is embodied in Cape Porpoise, which is exactly where you want to be. This idyllic fishing village can be found two miles east of Kennebunkport’s Dock Square and will allow you access to some of the most charming galleries and shops you’ve ever visited, as well as great fish markets and exquisite restaurants, not to mention a visit to the Goat Island Lighthouse, complete with the privilege of watching Lobstermen working at the Pier. Other interesting activities and locations you’ll be able to experience at Kennebunkport include viewing the aforementioned summer home of President George H.W. Bush, whale watching and sailing excursions, visits to Blowing Cave and Spouting Rock, as well as unique gift shops.

Welcome, Tree-Huggers

One particular feature of the area that we, as certified nature-lovers at, simply must point out is the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge, as well as meandering its One-Mile Education Trail. While visiting, make sure to explore the Trail via paths and boardwalks that will take you through forested uplands, salt marshes and over several rivers. Another activity we would highly recommend as a personal favorite is taking the exciting three-hour guided kayak tour to Porpoise Point with the only outfitter in town with genuine licensed Maine guides – Coastal Maine Kayak.

But probably the Maine appeal of the place (get it?), and also the reason why we chose to present this particular small town to you on this particular occasion, is the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous throughout the year, even though its famous mostly for its summer attractions. Leaf-peepers are welcomed in fall by cooler days and a colorful explosion of foliage, whereas virtually thousands of visitors are drawn in for the area’s renowned holiday celebration by Christmas Prelude. And if spring happens to be your season of choice, no worries – smaller crowds, warming days and plenty of room to stretch is what you can expect when visiting Kennebunkport.

And All That In A Town With A Population Of Barely 3,500

So, there you have it – gracious family accommodations, award-winning restaurants, activities for all ages, and even seaside festivals await you here, which is why you should definitely make Kennebunkport the next stop on your exploration of America’s most charming small towns. This place really has it all – whatever the season, whatever the reason.

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