“Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.” – Liz Vassey

See, the thing about most small towns is – whether you’re just passing by or you’re purposely visiting, the local folks can always tell that you’re from out of town. And that goes for both tourists and people who are genuinely interested in new places and faces. How? Well, the residents of most small towns know who their neighbors and fellow townspeople are, so whenever you walk into a local pub/bar/brewery/restaurant/any type of establishment, you can bet the locals are playing a round of pick-the-odd-one-out. However, in Breckenridge, CO – you’re more than welcome to join in. As a local, we mean.

Being One Of The Locals: Level Pro

Often referred to as the perfect mountain town, Breckenridge is one of those places brimming with laid-back charm. Regardless of the season, this Colorado small town filled with character and history is known for making everyone feel like they’re local, regardless of the walk of life they come from. Depending on one’s mood, Breckenridge, CO is THE place to either kick it up or kick back, courtesy of a wide array of choices, spanning from culture and dining to nightlife and shopping.

Whether you’re the type of person who likes to take it easy next to a quiet fire in the corner of a cozy café or experience firsthand the après-ski cheer while sifting through the multitude of vibrant and eclectic boutiques, you’ll be able to have your share of both while strolling down the legendary Main Street of Breckenridge. That being said, it should be said that Breckenridge is your 24/7-over-the-top Rocky Mountain ski town, regardless of whether you’re talking about intoxicating parades and festivities or falling into a pillow of deep powder.

Breckenridge, CO – Charming People Since 1859

Breckenridge, also referred to as “Breck,” can be said to be a place known for its abundant activities and high-energy events, which translates into virtually a ton of street party extravaganzas, complete with a number of notorious annual events the likes of Spring Fever, Ullr Fest and Oktoberfest.


And with a population of just over 4,600, it’s clear why Breckenridge deserves to be on our list of America’s most awesome small towns. The place has a truly exciting history, which encompasses everything from mining, gold finds, adventure and exploration, to busts, booms, saloons and brothels. A group of prospectors founded Breckenridge in 1859, and the Gold Rush filled it up with hordes of settlers in search of their fortunes. And even though unfortunately not all of them succeeded in finding gold, they did manage to discover and fall in love with the bounty of surrounding mountain landscape and the breathtaking beauty of the Tenmile Range adorning Breckenridge.

Stand Down

And as for everything you’ll be able to do to pass the time while in this beautiful part of Colorado, it can pretty much be summed up with the term “all-season adventure.” In fact, fitting everything into 24 hours will be your biggest challenge, considering the close proximity of backcountry, mountain and town areas. For example, the Breckenridge Ski Resort is a great place to catch early-morning turns in winter; that is, if you’d rather pass up the opportunity to hear the sleigh bells jingle on a starlit dinner sleigh ride or maybe explore miles of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails. Of course, the Breckenridge backcountry will be waiting for you adventure-seekers on either dogsled or snowmobile.

On the other hand, if you’ve already got plans this winter, you’d be wise to saddle up and explore Breckenridge’s expansive trail network by horseback or bike in the spring. Fly fishing, kayaking and rafting are all available courtesy of five nearby rivers, which set up the perfect natural playground for these activities. There’s also a municipal golf course, a bustling independent restaurant scene and the incredible Breckenridge Arts District for all you culture junkies out there. So, looking for a place to entice your entire family to be more active? You’ve just found it.

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