“Spent my days with a woman unkind, smoked my stuff and drank all my wine. Made up my mind to make a new start, going to California with an aching in my heart.” – Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin

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Quincy, CA – Northeast of Sacramento is the small town of Quincy, California. Formerly spelled Quinsy, this interesting town is the county seat of Plumas County. The place was named after Quincy, Illinois, which was, in turn, named after John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States.

Tucked at the edge of the lush American Valley, this small town is actually nestled against the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Boasting a population of around 5,000, this place is the largest community in Plumas County. More precisely, it can be found at the top of the Feather River Canyon, on all-weather Scenic Byway – State Route 70, midway between Reno and Oroville.

Quincy, CA – A Small Town With A Soul

One of the more prominent features of Quincy are the beautiful downtown buildings. For example, the most impressive and dominant structure in the entire county, though not the oldest, is the four-story courthouse building on Main Street. A staircase, marble pillars and whopping 2,000lb. plate glass and bronze chandelier adorn this marvel of architecture. It was built in 1921, complete with the expansive grassy lawns of the front and rear courtyards.

Historic buildings in general have long been at the forefront of tourism in this small town. Just behind the courthouse, you’ll be able to find the Plumas County Museum, which we highly recommend you visit. You’ll be able to get a Heritage Walk booklet here, which allows for a self-guided walking tour of Quincy buildings and homes rich in history.


Furthermore, historical times in this place are also depicted through countless enchanting murals. The arts have had a home in Quincy for quite some time. There are several gallery events, art shows, as well as musical and drama shows being staged at the historic Town Hall Theater, for example. Another option is the more recently opened West End Theater, operated and owned by Eddie O’Connor and Earl Thompson.

When In Doubt, Always Turn To Recreation

When it comes to recreation in Quincy, and in all of Plumas County for that matter, the central location is definitely the Bucks Lake Recreation Area. It is located 17 miles southwest of town and boasts two cozy lodges, complete with dining. A marina with boat rentals and cabins is also available, as well as a bed and breakfast.

When it comes to recreational opportunities here, you’re looking at water sports, hiking, camping, fishing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and the like. One of the best things about the Bucks Lake Recreation area is the fact that it is available year round. In fact, during the winter, the area transforms into a premier destination for cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. It also boasts more than 75 miles of trails with great snow.

On the other hand, Quincy also happens to be a very active business community. The local owners are on a never-ending mission of providing countless shopping opportunities and many services to both visitors and locals. This includes several antique stores that dot the town, as well as dining establishments, RV parks, inns, motels, bed and breakfasts, and countless other amenities

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