“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

Jerome, AZ – Old Western ghost towns are always a treat to visit. Yeah, that might not be the statement of the century, but it’s true. Think about it – walking straight into a quiet place with no one to greet you other than old, crumbling buildings and the whistling of the wind sounds spooky, right? Well, there’s plenty of places like that throughout the country. This time, we’ve set our sights on a place that’s not really a ghost town in the traditional sense, but is very interesting. It’s called Jerome, AZ.

A Former Giant Today Lays Somewhat Dormant…

With a home in Yavapai County in Arizona, Jerome is a small town nestled in the Black Hills. Overlooking the Verde Valley, Jerome is located more than 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) above sea level, on Cleopatra Hill. Located between the towns of Sedona and Prescott, Jerome is some 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Phoenix, AZ. Today home to just under 460 souls, this small town was founded in the late 19th century and in the 1920s it had a population of more than 10,000 people. So, a ghost town, indeed.

Jerome today towers over what was once the largest copper mine in the state of Arizona. It produced a whopping 3 million pounds of copper every single month! That’s why it comes as no surprise that people from the world over used to flock down to this small town in search of work and a better life. Unfortunately, the mines are silent today. And that’s why many refer to this place as the largest ghost town in America.

…But It’s Very Much Alive For Those Who Choose To Explore It

On the other hand, Jerome is today a bustling artistic community and tourist magnet. It boasts a plethora of musicians, craft people, artists, hermits, museum caretakers, b’n’b owners, fallen-down-building landlords and gift shop proprietors. An enchanting place, Jerome is often called a photographer’s paradise. It basically hasn’t changed much in the last century, from its external appearances, that is. In fact, present-day business folks still use many of the buildings built after the fires of 1894 and 1899.

Needless to say, if historic significance is your cup of tea, there’s no better place for you than Jerome. For example, one notable section of the town is the Cribs District. Found across the street from the English Kitchen, this area is situated in a back alley where all the buildings were part of Jerome’s notorious Red Light District. Or, as folks here used to call it, Prostitution Row.

Stay In Or Fan Out – Jerome, AZ Will Be Proud To Be Your Vacation HQ Either Way

Spending time exploring Jerome can be done in a number of different ways. Restaurants are always a good way to get to know the taste of the area, and this charming small town has a ton of high-quality eateries. Unique shops also add character to every single place one visits, and that’s especially true for this town. So, that’s another option.

Then again, relaxing with a glass of fine wine always sounds like a good idea, which is why the Jerome Winery is a favorite attraction for most visitors. And stopping by a saloon for some great music is definitely a must, since you’re bound to get tired from all that sightseeing. The place is also close to several other interesting towns, all of which offer at least a field trip opportunity, if nothing else. We’re talking Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff, and of course, Phoenix. All of these are just a short drive away!



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