“What would the world be, once bereft, Of wet and of wildness? Let them be left, O let them be left, wildness and wet; Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.” – Gerard Manley Hopkins

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Seldovia, AK – With a population just shy of 300, it’s clear why this Alaskan small town is so interesting to explore. Oozing with old-Alaska charm, this small town is just 15 miles from Homer, though observed in a straight line, which is to say, across Kachemak Bay. Seldovia is a small and isolated coastal community; its residents refer to it as the “City of Secluded Charm.” This is something we, your travel maniacs at, couldn’t argue with for the life of us.

Officially, Seldovia is located in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. Basically, all travels to the town are made by boat or airplane. This is because there are no roads that connect the town to other communities. If you’re concerned this might inhibit your Seldovia vacation in any way, don’t be. There is plenty to see and do in this charming Alaskan small town.

Seldovia, AK – So Small It Actually Uses That As An Advantage

Russians were the first ones to inhabit Seldovia in search of timber to repair their ships. The town later grew into an important supply and shipping center for the entire region. In fact, by the 1920s, herring and salmon runs kept several canneries going pretty strong. Today, Seldovia exists as a conveniently compact small town. Most of it can be viewed on foot in an afternoon, for example. Heck, even the airport is some half-mile from the center.

And if you’re wondering what to do in Seldovia, fear not. Its small size works incredibly in favor of the tourist experience, not against it. Because of its location, you’d expect a small boat harbor to adorn the outskirts of the town. And indeed, it does; however, beyond that, there is much to see. Restaurants, galleries and cozy little shops are all situated within the adjacent several blocks. Furthermore, a short stretch of the original boardwalk can also be found here.

Even Nature Bestows Its Gifts Upon Seldovia Visitors

Seldovia’s very name indicates a Russian heritage that is felt throughout the town. A short hike one block uphill will take you to a church conveniently perched on a knoll. This is the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church built in 1891. Today, it represents a national historic site and an almost idyllic tourist location for locals and tourists alike. If longer walks across Seldovia are your thing, you can have those, too. A foot trail that leads to Outside Beach with a length of 1.2 miles is known as the Otterbahn.

Outside Beach is a little-known jewel of Seldovia tourism. It provides incredible views of Kachemak Bay, and is a great spot with beachcombing. While traveling there on the Otterbahn, make sure to look out for blueberries, salmonberries and cranberries. These grow so thick along the way that, at times, you’ll be able to fill an entire bucket and rake your hands within a matter of minutes. And most importantly – they taste delicious!

As Always, These Are What We Went With

Seldovia accommodation is pretty easy to find. We loved the Alaska Dancing Eagles Vacation Cabin. It’s recently been remodeled, comes fully furnished and provides nearby wilderness trails, fishing, kayak and ATV rentals and so much more. Other options include the Waterfront Cottage, Waterfront Inn, Central Suites of Seldovia, Across the Bay Tent & Breakfast, and Bridgekeeper’s Inn.

The Tide Pool Café and Lodge is a tried and tested spot when it comes to Seldovia restaurants. Percy’s Café and Linwood Bar & Grill are also good, just like the Boardwalk Pub and Grill. When it comes to coffee and light fare, your best options are the Boardwalk Coffee Shop and Amon’s Coffee House, Gallery & Gifts. But take our word for it – this place is so off the beaten path you’ll love every inch of it no matter how you spend your Seldovia vacation!

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