“This country makes a man younger than his birthdays.” ― Sam Kieth, One Man’s Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey

The Yin Has No Meaning Without The Yang

Ketchikan, AK – Alaska is, simply put, a place where you can feast your eyes on out-of-this-world scenery and nature any day of the week/month/year. That pretty much sums up this gorgeous gem of American states. Literally, come spring, summer, fall or winter, there’s always a mountain top, meadow, field or cove waiting to be photographed, painted or simply visited and enjoyed here. That’s how breathtaking Alaska is.

But, let’s get real – a day is not a day without the night. So too is wild nature nothing without a dash of civilization. And that’s where we, your travel maniacs at, come in. Guys, have we got a place for you today! The town of Ketchikan, AK is waiting!

Ketchikan – The Ideal Place To Start Learning About The Beauties Of Alaska

The southeastern-most city in Alaska, Ketchikan is actually located in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. And with a population of just over 8,500, this town is the perfect addition to’s “Most Beautiful U.S. Small Towns” top list. Known as Alaska’s first city, Ketchikan is actually THE first city one reaches as they cruise north. At the same time, this gorgeous small town is the very first introduction to the majestic beauty of Alaska for countless visitors.

Did you know that umbrellas are hardly ever used in Ketchikan? Actually, the locals refer to rain as liquid sunshine. Should you spend enough time in town, there’s a good chance it will rain at least once. In fact, 162 inches is the average annual rainfall. However, it has been known to top 200 inches easy. Just goes to show that this Alaskan small town has truly managed to stay in touch with nature, in every sense of the word.

It Is Difficult To Decide What’s More Gorgeous – The Town Or Its Surroundings

Facing Tongass Narrows, the busy waterway brimming with fishing boats, floatplanes, barges and freights, the town is backed by distinctively-shaped Deer Mountain, complete with its forested slopes. That is just one of many reasons why Ketchikan is also referred to as the jewel of Alaska. Come aforementioned rain or shine, the beauty of the town itself, as well as its fairytale-like setting, become almost painfully obvious.

In a nutshell, the downtown area of Ketchikan is what you’ll want to hit up first. Containing several cruise ship docks and two large harbors, this part of town is the main commercial district. Additionally, it is also home to a number of main tourist attractions. For example, the historic Creek Street is a definite must-see. It is actually a boardwalk road built on pilings over Ketchikan Creek.

Tourism Truly Has Many Upsides

But if you are looking to enrich your photo collection with some amazing city center shots, you ought to head out to Ketchikan’s Waterfront Promenade. This place boasts whale-tail benches and historical markers. And in addition to skirting the busy shoreline, it also represents the best place around to simply take in the view and have a break from exploring the town.

Named after Ketchikan Creek, the word Ketchikan derives from the Tlingit name for the creek, Kitschk-hin, the meaning of which remains unclear. For years the town was known as the Canned Salmon Capital of the World. This was thanks to the fact that it was founded as a salmon cannery site in 1885. What’s more, fishing was initially the town’s livelihood. Over time, logging also grew into an important industry. Ultimately, Ketchikan inherently became a popular port when cruise ships started traversing the waters of the Inside Passage. To the joy of millions of travelers, including us, we might add!


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