“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Helen Keller

Tuscumbia, AL – Found in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near a bountiful big spring, the city of Tuscumbia, AL, is what we’ll be telling you about today. Steeped in history that dates back to 1820, this small town included the first railroad west of the Allegheny Mountains. It was also an early center for agriculture, commerce and industry, all of which have survived till this day, in one form or another.

Easy Access And Historical Significance – Looking Good Already, Right?

Tuscumbia is a desirable place to work and live, and the town’s future is very bright. A progressive economic base, cultural opportunities and recreational amenities make this place one of the most attractive areas in the southeast. That being said, a progressive local government and community support, coupled with an ideal location and ample labor supply, also add to the appeal.

Located in the Northwest corner of Alabama, Tuscumbia is actually the county seat of Colbert County. Positioned at the very hub of the great Tennessee River Valley, the town offers excellent and very easy access to major southeast cities. For example, Interstate 65 is only 45 minutes southeast, and U.S. highways 72 and 42 are also nearby. And in Muscle Shoals, which is some 3 miles east of Tuscumbia, there’s even a regional airport. How cool is that?

And speaking of cool, many people don’t know that Tuscumbia, AL, is actually the birthplace of Helen Keller. The daughter of Captain A. H. Keller and Kate Keller, Helen was born on June 27, 1880 in this small town. Unfortunately, an illness left her deaf and blind at the age of nineteen months. However, Helen overcame many of her handicaps with the help of Miss Anne Sullivan. She ultimately became “America’s First Lady of Courage.” Ivy Green, which is Helen Keller’s home, is open for visitors daily. In fact, the Helen Keller Festival is scheduled to take place June 20-26, so get a move on!

Tuscumbia, AL, Offers Plenty To See And Experience

On the other hand, Tuscumbia’s Spring Park offers plenty of amenities for the entire family. These include a beautiful setting for picnics, arts and crafts shows, as well as recreation for the entire family. Comfortable and relaxed, Spring Park really sets the tone for the lifestyle that represents the charming small town of Tuscumbia, AL.

If visiting, make sure to swing by the Belle Mont Mansion. This is one of the most distinguished homes in all of Alabama and was built circa 1828. This historical and architectural gem is owned by the Alabama Historical Commission and it features neoclassical architecture of Jeffersonian-Palladian style.

And if you happen to be in the market for something you won’t be able to see anywhere else, you’re in the right place. Tuscumbia is home to the legendary Coon Dog Cemetery. This unique place features over 100 coon dogs that have been laid to rest in the scenic Freedom Hills. Tribute to man’s best friend is paid with unique epitaphs and headstones. The first dog what was buried here was named Troop and it happened back in 1937.

When Going On Vacation, Do It In Style

When it comes to indulging your palate, there are plenty of eateries throughout Tuscumbia that cater to varying tastes. Aunt Bea’s Bakery and Gourmet Shop is one way to go, just like Oh!Bryan’s Family Steak House. Other options include Fiesta Mexicana, Claunch Café and the City Restaurant.

Lodging is also something you won’t have to think about past the fact that you only need to make a selection. The Key West Inn is what we’d personally go for, as well as the Microtel Inn and Suites. The Coldwater Inn will also make sure you have a good stay, and both the Riverside Cottage Bed & Breakfast and the Heritage Acres RV Park offer plenty of their own, unique charm. Lastly, the Four Way Motel and the Tuscumbia RV Park are ways to go, too.

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