Vacationing Responsibly With Pets 101


Since traveling with pets is gaining momentum in recent times, it makes sense to take full advantage of such conveniences. However, vacationing responsibly with pets means you should be very careful. They are not humans and they respond to travel differently. Therefore, you need to be responsible and take certain precautions to make sure your furbabies are in the best possible shape to travel. This is the absolute best way to have a kickass vacation with your furry friend. That being said, here are some tips on how to make that happen.

1. Take Into Account The Manner Of Transport

If you want to transport your pet, driving by land is the best option. But, if travelling by plane is the only way, vacationing responsibly with pets requires you to check all the airline guidelines and book ahead of time. This is A MUST. The Humane Society of the United States recommends that you evaluate all the dangers when deciding to bring them on a plane ride. This because it can be dangerous for animals with “pushed-in” faces (brachycephalic breeds), because their nasal passages are short. This leaves them vulnerable to oxygen deficiency and heat stroke.

2. Make Sure To Take Frequent Breaks

If you’re going by car, it’s essential that you carry your dog out of the car and exercise by walking them around. This applies even if it’s just for a few minutes. Not only will this be good for you as well, but it will do wonders for the little (or big) guy. You have to constantly keep in mind that dogs aren’t humans. In some cases, they are much more resilient to certain situations than us. In others, it’s the other way around. Being in cars is not their natural state, which is why you’d best make sure to keep them as active during the trip as possible.

3. Keep Their Head Inside The Car At All Times

This one’s a no brainer, right? Vacationing responsibly with pets means that you’ll also have to keep a lookout for any mischief your furry companion is bound to attempt. That being said, we all know they just love to stick their head out the window. However, fun as this may be, it should still be either very limited or better yet, completely avoided. Some particles or debris might get in their nose and go down their lungs. They can also jump out, so you better lock up. A good idea is to also roll down the window just a tiny bit, so air can circulate through the car.

4. Take Them For A Long Walk/Exercise Prior To Your Trip

Obviously, the last thing you want is to have an energy-packed dog wreaking havoc on the backseat. So, it makes perfect sense to take them out for a walk or exercise and get them a bit tired so that you ensure they’re nowhere near the excitement level of a toddler high on sugar. This goes especially if you’re traveling with someone else by car; vacationing responsibly with pets includes making sure your furbaby doesn’t cause discomfort on anyone else, including yourself.

5. Vacationing Responsibly With Pets Top Tip: Feed Them At Least 1 Hour Before The Trip

…and when you do, don’t make it a hefty portion. Instead, go for a medium, or better yet – miniature size portion. The same applies to water. This is done for two very obvious reasons. One, the dog can feel sick when the car starts moving if it’s just had a huge meal. And two – and more importantly – you don’t want a huge pile of you-know-what smeared all over your backseat. Therefore, think ahead and account for the fact that pets aren’t like us. They are creatures of instinct, not logic. Well, instinct and immeasurable love for their packs.

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