Pet Friendly Cities Around The Country: Spring 2017 Hotspots


“Intelligence is overrated. Two dogs who sniff each others’ butts learn more about each other in a moment than many humans understand about those they’ve known for a lifetime.”James Rozoff

If you’re anything like, us, your travel maniacs at Hop America, there’s no way you’re going to leave your furbaby behind while you’re off somewhere exploring the world. The same goes for exploring different adventures across the country, in case it wasn’t implied. There are tons of pet friendly cities throughout the nation, and it would be a shame not to change your surroundings every once in a while. Therefore, we did the legwork and came up with four very cool places you ought to check out this spring. As for why, keep reading.

Colorado Springs, CO

Embark on an adventure with your dog and take him/her with you on fun camping and hiking trails in Colorado Springs. Soak in that fresh, crispy mountain air and beautiful scenery with your pup for a more intense bond. Some dog-friendly trails include the South Boulder Peak Trail, the Flatirons Vista Loop, and the Royal Arch Trail. We simply can’t choose a favorite, not because we don’t want to, but because they’re all equally majestic, making Colorado Springs one of the pet friendly cities on the list for outdoor bonding time.

Austin, TX

Austin is one of the best places to bond in for you and your furry pal. The place is teeming with lots of fun activities and entertainment, such as cheap festivals and concerts where dogs are allowed. The Barton Creek Greenbelt and Zilker Metropolitan Park are also great places to play with your pet, and there’s also the Groovy Dog Bakery, perfect for buying your pet some treats. When it comes to pet friendly cities, Austin, TX is right up there with the most laidback ones.

Nashville, TN

Nashville isn’t just the music capital of the country; it may well be the best example of pet friendly cities in this part of the country. More than 50 hotels in the city welcome pooches, in addition to 75 other dog-friendly establishments waiting for your pet. Let your dog meet new friends at the Centennial Dog Park, or experience the Trails at Fontanel. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter where you stay or what you do, because Nashville is one big adventure from the moment you cross the city limits.

Our Favorite Among Pet Friendly Cities In The Country: Carmel By The Sea, CA

This seaside village is rated as one of the best and most welcoming pet friendly cities in the whole country. No one is crazy enough to argue with that; there are 25 hotels, inns, 44 restaurants, bars and coffee houses in the village that are all pooch-friendly. Tons of exclusive doggie services can be enjoyed here. Make sure to include a trip to Carmel Beach. It’s one of the state’s few remaining off-leash beaches.

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