Enjoy Farm-To-Table Tourism In These 4 U.S. Hotels


“Great restaurants are, of course, nothing but mouth-brothels. There is no point in going to them if one intends to keep one’s belt buckled.”Frederic Raphael

Due to an increasing number of eco-minded tourists, hotels around the world are shifting their focus towards taking care of the environment. However, farm-to-table tourism is still in its inception. Regardless, there are forward-thinking hotels out there that are already one step ahead of the game. They are literally taking it to the next level by growing their own produce-rich farms in-house. Having a garden right there on the premises is as cool as it gets, so here are 4 examples of these type of places in the States.

4. Congress Hall Hotel, NJ

At Congress Hall, guests don’t only eat fresh dishes. They also get to visit the farm itself, which is just a mile away from the establishment. Located in Cape May, New Jersey, this hotel is in charge of the 62-acre Beach Plum Farm. Here, can guests can also assist the staff in harvesting the local produce during seasonal festivals. Farm-to-table tourism never looked so good, right?

3. Blackberry Farm, TN

This secluded and exclusive place in Walland, Tennessee offers a countryside ambiance coupled with traditional agricultural practices. Aside from growing its own fruits and vegetables on site, this farm-to-table tourism pioneer also makes its own cheese. That being said, it’s no wonder that its restaurant’s menu won a James Beard Award.

2. Crosby Street Hotel, NY

Found in the heart of the vibrant city of New York, this gorgeous hotel surprises visitors with its leafy garden located on the 12th floor. Its rooftop garden supplies the hotel with fresh vegetable and fruit produce like tomatoes, squash, herbs, watermelons and blueberries. It’s no secret that a city as vast and well known as New York has thousands of hotels each more prestigious and luxurious than the next. However, the Crosby Street Hotel is one of the few that has something unusual to offer.

1. Our Farm-To-Table Tourism Favorite: The Lodge At Woodloch, PA

Located in Hawley, Pennsylvania, this eco-friendly hotel has three lush, green gardens so guests are assured that fresh dishes are a standard here. Not to mention that the hotel also has a Healing Garden, where various types of herbs are blended into natural oils and used for the hotel’s spa treatments. If you’re on the market for farm-to-table tourism combined with a relaxing vacation experience, we definitely recommend this Pennsylvania gem.

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