5 Best Places To Visit In New York Besides Manhattan


“What’s the use of a great city having temptations if fellows don’t yield to them?”P.G. Wodehouse, Carry On, Jeeves

The Big Apple is arguably one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world. Be it a honeymoon, vacation or just any type of trip, New York City is where everyone wants to go. It makes a lot of sense, since we’re talking about one of the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic centers of the world. However, despite its multimillion population, many tourists still don’t know a plethora of things they can enjoy once in NYC. That’s why we, your travel maniacs at Hop America, decided it was time to explore the 5 best places to visit in New York that aren’t Manhattan.

Start Things Off With Some Island Hopping

A lot of people think that New York city is just one big piece of land. However, it’s an entire archipelago. Notable examples include the Governor’s Island, which can be visited via ferry boat, and the Roosevelt Island that you can access by tram. It would really be a shame to go all the way to New York City and not explore parts of it that others neglect. And for those who say that there’s nothing to see outside of Manhattan, they don’t understand that each trip is unique in its own way.

Take a Break From Sightseeing With A Park & Pizza Experience In Brooklyn

Head over to the Prospect Park and see why people dub it Central Park’s rival. When it comes to pizza, keep in mind that Brooklyn won’t back down. This because it is home to such legendary establishments as Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s, which are some of the best pizzerias in town. Seeing how best places to visit in New York are bound to include pizza in some form or other, it might as well be some of the best in town.

Then, Continue Your Visit By Checking Out Staten Island

If you want a different experience of getting to the Statue of Liberty, take a ferry going to Staten Island. You’ll not only have great views of Lady Liberty, but you’ll also see the beauty of the city from a different angle. It’s the perfect place to take selfies and pictures of your trip. Sure – you’ll encounter tons of New Yorkers who will likely try to talk you out of visiting Staten Island in favor of other attractions. But, anyone looking for the best places to visit in New York will profit from being stubborn here, because Staten Island has tons of history.

Take Another Break By Tasting The Many Flavors Of Queens

Since Queens is a diverse place, its mix of nationalities result in so much different cultures that they are regularly showcased in its food and events. Though Filipino, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese restaurants flood the place, they are but a dot among countless other cuisines, flavors and scents visitors can experience here. The best part? Each eatery and restaurant is 100% authentic and original, which guarantees an experience equal to going to each country firsthand.

Our Favorite Among The Best Places To Visit In New York: A Nature Trip To The Bronx

Lots of people avoid the Bronx because of its tough reputation, but what they don’t know is that it’s home to two gorgeous natural wonders. One is the New York Botanical Garden and the other is Wave Hill. The former is one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world and its facility aims to educate people about nature through its living museum. Meanwhile, Wave Hill is an outdoor garden for public use and has breathtaking views of the Hudson River.

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