Newport, OR

“All along the ancient wastes the thin reflections spin, That gather all the times and tides at once we love within. That build the edges round the shrouds that cloud the setting sun, And carry us to other days and other days to one.” – Roy Harper, The Same Old Rock

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Newport, OR – Washington and Oregon are two states that constantly attract visitors for countless reasons. And indeed, whenever you see a movie that takes place in either of the two states, you suddenly develop the urge to go there. At least we do. And that’s why discovering small towns across the area is incredibly interesting. This particular time we went with exploring Oregon, and we found a cool place to tell you about. It’s called Newport.

History Definitely Left Its Mark On Newport, OR

The natural beauty of the area surrounding Newport has long drawn in those looking for an exciting and unique coastal experience. And how could it not? The town is situated between Yaquina Bay, the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains. This fact alone explains why the town of Newport has been an exquisite playground for visitors since way back in the 1800s. In fact, the town was incorporated in 1882, and has been the county seat of Lincoln County since 1952.

Interestingly, two distinct areas of Newport were shaped in the town’s early days. One was Nye Beach and the other was Historical Bayfront. Nye Beach was actually the number one visitor attraction on the coast during the early 1900s. Agate shops, taffy stores, and hot sea baths entertained visitors mostly from the Willamette Valley. Today, Nye Beach remains a popular haven for the arts, with plenty of eateries, bookstores and unique galleries.

Shopping Can Today Be Done Throughout Countless Locations In Town

The Bayfront, on the other hand, was the economic backbone of Newport, historically speaking. It housed a port for the wood products and commercial fishing industries. Even today, one of the largest commercial fishing fleets in all of Oregon still has a home here. Boasting family attractions in turn-of-the-century storefronts from a bygone era, the Bayfront is today a working waterfront. It also features restaurants, chowder houses, art galleries and shops.

Shopping opportunities are ample throughout Newport, but some of our favorites include the following. 3 Gipsy’s Boutique has something for everyone, from suncatchers and crystals to hand crafted items and jewelry. 2 Kids Candy Shop boasts a large licorice selection, handmade chocolates and fudges, as well as salt water taffy made with coconut oils. We also happen to be particularly fond of Bohemian Candle, which sells jewelry, candles and much more and represents a true gem on the Newport Bayfront. Also be sure to check out Brandy’s Bargains, Canyon Way Bookstore & Restaurant, and Dapper Frog.

If In Doubt, Here Are Some Tried And Proven Options

When it comes to our dining picks, it’s also an excruciatingly difficult choice. Part of the reason why is the fact that Newport boasts so many high-quality restaurants and eateries. But here are some tips (just don’t ask us how we managed to narrow them down): you gotta try Local Ocean and its locally caught, fresh seafood. Period. Then we’re on to Asiatico, which can be a little tricky to find an entrance to. But when you manage (and you will, just follow the signs), our tip is to go for the sushi straight away. Then we have Sorella, which is the brainchild of chef Justin Wills. The tagliatelle with clam sauce here is to die for. But, if you need more options, just check out Saffron Salmon, April’s of Nye Beach or Georgie’s Beachside Grill. Trust us – you won’t regret it.

Newport also boasts an incredible range of lodging options. These include everything from luxury hotel rooms along the ocean to intimate B&Bs and campsites. Here’s a couple we especially liked because of their gorgeous ocean views. The Sylvia Beach Hotel is one of those places that provide a respite from the modern world. Affectionately named “The Hotel For Book Lovers,” it was named after the founder and owner of Parisian bookstore Shakespeare & Company that perished in 1941. The Elizabeth Street Inn, on the other hand, is the perfect oceanfront place to stay. It adds a friendly, cozy feel to luxury lodgings. Other picks include the Anchor Pier Bayfront Lodging, Cherokee House and the Hallmark Resort – Newport.

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