Kansas City, MO

“Just Close Your Eyes And Tap Your Heels Together Three Times…”



Now, here’s a place that is best known among those of you who are a bit more mature than this new-age, modern generation – Kansas City! Of course, there could be a number of reasons why you know or have heard about this particular town, but there is a 90 percent chance that you’ve seen the movie “The Wizard of Oz” when you were a kid. If you haven’t then you’ve surely heard that “there’s no place like home” line that Dorothy kept saying. Well, guess what? If you haven’t figured it out by now, she was referring to Kansas City. Yup, so was Toto.





Anyway, it must have been a pleasure to watch the innocent and profanity-free movie (unlike today’s movies, where every other word is a curse word) that is “The Wizard of Oz”. On the other hand, if you were anything like the author, once the movie was over you kept wondering “where is that Kansas pla…wait a minute…actually, WHAT is that Kansas place Dorothy kept talking about?” Well, for all you little ones out there who are currently trying to better your parents, here’s a bit of help: Kansas City is a city in the great state of Missouri!



A Bit About The History



Also referred to as K.C. or KCMO, Kansas City represents the main city of a metropolitan area that is home to over two million people. It is the single largest city in the state of Missouri. However, Kansas City, Missouri should not be confused with Kansas City, Kansas – they are, in fact, two neighboring but completely different towns. The confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers provided a great opportunity for people to settle in that area. This eventually led to the founding of the Town of Kansas, which took place in 1838. However, it took another 15 years for it to be incorporated and that happened in 1853.



Here’s a particularly interesting historical fact: the Civil War remembers Kansas City, Missouri for the Battle of Westport. However, this battle was not the only one that took place in the city; numerous other conflicts raged in the city’s present location during the Civil War. Ever heard of Kansas City-style barbecue? Well, here’s where it comes from! In addition to this and many other contributions to cuisine, Kansas City is also very famous for its historical influence on the blues and jazz styles of music.



Keep At It



When it comes to Kansas City as a tourist destination, there is an overwhelming abundance of things to see and do in it. You should know that Kansas City has a way of hiding its interesting features from tourists, so you’ll need to be persistent and detailed in your quest for fun. However, if you don’t give up, there is a possibility of doing and seeing something new and different every single day.



Culture And Arts



Whether you’re just visiting from out of town or you happen to be a local, have no fear – culture is plentiful in Kansas City. A genuine palette of incredible performances, vibrant gallery districts as well as museums with international reputation will show you that arts and culture truly go hand in hand in Kansas City. Surely your eye will catch some of the following: countless theatre venues, many free museums, various arts galleries, a live theatre in the city etc. One particularly good choice for any newcomer would be to visit the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, as it offers a once in a lifetime experience. The choice is yours.






The attractions of Kansas City are measured by the hundreds. There are a number of wineries, sports attractions, animal parks and zoos, theme parks, museums, history and heritage tours, free attractions etc. There’s even a tour that enables you to get to know the multi – cultural side of Kansas City in detail. For example, since 2014 signified the 100th anniversary of World War I, you would be wise to visit the only museum in the US completely dedicated to it. This museum is located in Kansas City and it has a reputation that is recognized nationally. If you’re into history, you can try walking in the steps of the 33rd President of America. Also, Union Station is the perfect place to let your curiosity roam free.



Kansas City Nightlife And Entertainment



Be serious – how can you pass up the opportunity to listen to some jazz and blues in the city that made such important contributions to them? Surely some of the numerous nightclubs in Kansas City will indulge your desire to hear some good ol’ KC-style jazz. You can also visit the Sprint Center and see some of the top acts in the nation. Literally anything you want can be found all over the city – from symphonic concerts and opera to casinos and comedy clubs. Just take your pick: ghost tours, movie theaters, blues and jazz clubs, concert venues, clubs and bars, gaming and casinos etc. The possibilities are virtually endless.



Recreation And Sports



No need to Google “recreation or sports in Kansas City”. Why, you ask? Well, just think about the Kansas Speedway, Kansas City Chiefs or the Kansas City Royals baseball. Ring any bells? That’s right – Kansas City is a city of sports! In addition to these interesting professionals from whom you can learn a lot about races and games, you can also be active yourself. Miniature golf and biking are always good ways of keeping yourself occupied while you’re doing something healthy. If, on the other hand, you feel like you’d rather jog with no pressure and just for the fun of it, you can do so at any of the numerous lakes and parks in Kansas City. Go with the flow and let recreation be the name of your vacation!






Presumably the expression “Kansas City shopping spree” hasn’t crossed your mind, right? Actually, hasn’t crossed it YET? Well, it’s about to – there is plenty of room in Kansas City for your personal shopping adventure. Whether you’re browsing through the Crown Center or strolling down the Country Club Plaza, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. After all, some of the stuff that are available for you in Kansas City include spas and salons, jewelry stores, specialty foods, gifts and souvenirs, men women and kids’ clothing, art galleries, antiques etc. Go all out and make your Kansas City vacation even more memorable.



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