Galena, IL

“For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel
like home.” ― Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After

Small Towns And History Often Go Hand In Hand

Galena, IL – Whether or not you happen to be an American Civil War aficionado, it’s always good to know a thing or two about this famous and groundbreaking historical event. And when it comes to the name of General Ulysses S. Grant, it can be said that the man has fascinated both his troops during the War and countless history buffs till this day. However, few people know that General Grant’s home was Galena, IL, the small town we, your travel freaks at have decided to tell you about this time.

In addition to being the home of eight other Civil War generals, Galena, IL, can be found in the unglaciated area of Northwest Illinois. The largest city in and the county seat of Jo Daviess County, this small town is today famous for its 19th-century architecture, history, rolling hills and opportunities for year round recreation. What’s more, all of these features combined are the main culprits for the one million visitors a year that find their way to Galena. According to both tourists and the locals, Galena is a vibrant, healthy and safe place to start a business, raise a family or even enjoy retirement.

Galena, IL – Where Tourism Meets History

The first American settler in the area was there by 1821, and the population had already risen to 10,000 by 1828. Today, with a population of just 3,500, Galena is a real small town that promises to offer the characteristic charm and serenity that only few places in the country are blessed with. The town was named after the mineral galena, which Native Americans mined in the area for over a thousand years. Actually, because of these deposits, the town was the site of the United States’ first major mineral rush. And back in the day, Galena was also the single largest steamboat hub on the Mississippi River north of St. Louis, Missouri.

When it comes to your vacation options as a visitor of Galena, IL, there really are tons of stuff you can try out. Enjoying the sunset in a hot air balloon ride or relaxing in the lush vineyards and exuberant gardens in the area are fine options, but also make sure you taste some of Galena’s award-winning wines. Next on the list is – art. Galleries and art shops will present you with the opportunity to purchase unique art items, join in for a hands-on workshop and browse local area artist works, all the while listening to outstanding live music.

Make Sure You Flag It On Google Maps

Shopping is an inevitable part of any vacation, and the Galena shop owners are well aware of that, which is why they’ve made sure to enable visitors to shop for the finest in gifts, specialties, home and garden, accessories, apparel, collectibles and antiques. In fact, the shops in Galena are so unique that you can spend an entire day just browsing through them and discovering everything they have to offer. That being said, golf is also a great way to spend a day or two of one’s vacation, and the golf courses in this charming small town are some of the best in the Midwest; examples include the Woodbine Bend Championship Golf Course and the Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa.

History, as aforementioned, is a huge part of Galena’s incredible character. Make sure to take the time to visit one of the many museums, walk the streets for a ghost tour or take a tour throughout one of the many historic mansions in town to discover everything this small town has to offer. And, of course, canoeing, kayaking and hot air balloon rides are also available for visitors, just like spending a summer weekend camping next to the Mississippi River or enjoying a ski trip to one of the finest ski resorts in the area during the winter. Anyway you put it – Galena, IL, should be must-see destination on your small town map of America.

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