Bar Harbor, ME

“As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” – Anonymous

Can’t Beat The Lobster

Bar Harbor, ME – The astonishingly breathtaking Maine is once again the word of the day. It is impossible to focus on just one small town in this gorgeous state, so….we didn’t. We’ve covered this part of the country on several occasions, though somehow the town of Bar Harbor has managed to stay hidden. Today we are finally blowing the whistle on it, so allow us to tell you a bit about this incredibly charming place.

Bar Harbor, ME has a population of roughly 6,000 and is located on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County, Maine. Originally incorporated in 1796 as Eden, Bar Harbor is famous for many things. However, what locals and visitors alike love most about this town is its incredible combination of Downeast character, seashore community and world-famous Maine lobster.

A large portion of Acadia National Park is included within the municipality of Bar Harbor, which makes the fact that the area boasts 28,800 scenic acres seem quite logical. That being said, Bar Harbor’s stunning coastal beauty is what the town is best known for. With weather that can range from thick fog and mist to glistering sunlight, its view of ocean and islands dotted with lobster boats and yachts is an iconic feature of this part of the country.

Environmental Beauty Is In A Category Of Its Own Here

Bar Harbor is truly a community in which people co-exist in complete harmony with the land on which they live. That is why every visitor to this place is able to slow down their life and appreciate nature even more. This is because of a unique connection with the surroundings that somehow manages to invoke serenity and positivity in a person. And this is a proven fact, mind you, not a typical tourist sales pitch! Ask anyone!


And speaking of tourism, Bar Harbor is the center of activity for countless visitors to the island. It boasts a ton of hotels, taverns, restaurants, shops, bed and breakfasts and many other interesting amenities. This gorgeous small town is also the home of the College of the Atlantic. This unique educational institution focuses on the relationships between humans and their environment. That being said, what better place to have the world’s largest mammalian genetic research facility that is Jackson Lab?

Also, located in Acadia National Park, the Wild Gardens of Acadia boasts more than 200 species of shrubs, trees and plants indigenous to the island. Across the street from the Village Green, a park in the center of Bar Harbor, you will be able to find the year-round location of Abbe Museum. And if parks happen to be your thing, there is also Agamont Park, which sits next to the public pier. It overlooks the harbor itself, as well as its activities and adjacent islands.

Bar Harbor, ME – Definitely Have A Camera With You At All Times

And if your visit to Bar Harbor is time-sensitive, which vacations usually are, make sure to check out the Shore Path. This is a historic and picturesque path that you should definitely walk on at least once during your stay, preferably in the morning or at least at some point during the day.

It starts near Agamont Park and goes on for approximately half a mile along the eastern shore of town. Originally created in 1880, there are four Porcupine Islands to the east, just off shore. These are absolutely breathtaking at sunrise, so definitely make sure to bring a camera of phone along. Because, these kind of scenes are hard to find. Happy photographing!

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