Brevard, NC

“We need to walk to know sacred places, those around us and those within. We need to walk to remember the songs.” – Joseph Bruc

A Town Famous For Many Things

Brevard, NC – It’s been a while since we last visited the beautiful North Carolina. Truth be told, there’s a reason for that – spring is officially here and we have to admit waiting for this glorious season to come forth has not been in vain. Bringing with it all of the magnificent things that a season as joyful as spring tends to have, spring really went all out this year. So, we decided it might be time to check out this part of the country once again, and in doing so, we, your travel maniacs at, have stumbled upon a real jewel. It’s called Brevard, NC and it is the star of today’s article.

Located in western North Carolina, Brevard has a population of just over 7,700, and can be found right near the entrance to the famous Pisgah National Forest. A city in Transylvania County, NC, Brevard has also become a popular cultural, retirement and tourist center in this part of the state. Visitors and, more often, relocators, to the area are mostly attracted by the ample cultural activities, but also environmental beauty and moderate climate. Known for its white squirrels, this cozy small town also has an official dog, which is the West Highland White Terrier.

Ample Hospitality Everywhere You Turn

The town of Brevard definitely knows how to throw a party, which is also another reason why it’s so popular. Visitors from all around the globe traverse this gorgeous little town in search of Brevard’s various music festivals, but also its cycling trails and famous waterfalls (Triple Falls, located in the nearby DuPont State Forest, was used as a filming location for The Hunger Games).

Annually, the town is home to several cycling events and an average of six fantastic festivals. However, parties aside, the place boasts an unparalleled quality of life. It is often said that folks in Brevard are nice simply because they really love where they live. Always enthusiastic to meet new people, the townsfolk are a genuinely proud bunch that has an incredible sense of commitment to community.

The Pleasant Surprises Just Keep Piling Up At Brevard, NC…

The downtown area is especially attractive. Not just because of the architecture, but because of so much more. A square with a gazebo is home to a stately courthouse, and this is also the location of community concerts. Some 50+ shops can be found nearby, ranging from galleries and antique malls to the famed White Squirrel Shoppe and O.P. Taylor toy store. The Red Wolf Gallery should not be missed, as well.

Surrounded by the aforementioned Pisgah National Forest, Brevard can be found along Highway 64. And we bet you didn’t know the entire Transylvania County is also referred to as the Land of the Waterfalls, right? Well, that’s because of the aforementioned waterfalls in the area – more than 250 of them! Can you imagine going for a walk and stumbling upon one waterfall after the other, each more breathtaking than the previous? You can do just that while visiting Brevard; in fact, that’s a top recommendation from your crew at

…So, Don’t Waste Your Days!

Brevard is also home to the world-famous Brevard Music Center, complete with its incredible summer music line-up, as well as Brevard College’s Paul Porter Center. And if you ever get tired of watching master musicians perform (which is not likely, let’s face it), you can always go back to browsing the downtown, as there’s always something new to discover.

For example, you have the option of sampling beers or taking a tour of the Tap Room at the Oskar Blues Brewery just a few miles from downtown. And if you’re not much of a drinker, try adopting one of the town’s famed protected white squirrels. The white squirrels are a unique feature and adopting one can get you discounts in many of the town’s shops. All in all, take our word for it – a day not spent exploring Brevard, NC, and the surrounding area is a day wasted!

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